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Tips To Reduce Scrolling On Mobile Devices

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It is often said that a designer solves problems. The client has a specific assignment and the design makes use of their knowledge to carry it out visually. In the field of web and mobile design, it involves simplifying interfaces so that the user can learn to use them quickly.

Although mobile devices have many benefits at the interaction level, one of their biggest limitations is the dimensions of their screen. Particularly if you’re used to designing for computer screens, moving a web design for computers to a mobile device can be a stressful task.

The dimensions of the screen of mobile devices can bring various usability problems for your users, so you should make sure to be especially careful. One of these problems is the scrolling that becomes excessively long in mobiles. In this article, we mention some general tips that you can put into practice if you notice that the scrolling of your mobile website is very long.

Consider the standard size for mobile devices

For websites, there is no standard measure of height that you should have. Scrolling down or up is not a problem for users, you should simply go to the scroll bar that is on the right side and move the indicated up or down as you prefer.
In mobile, as we have already mentioned, when the height of the page becomes too long, it is difficult for users to return to the section that interests them. It is much harder to scan the page.

Although there is no standard length that should be followed for mobile, the ideal is that the website can be seen in its entirety in 3 to 5 scrolls. Most mobile phones that are released today have a slightly larger screen because users usually watch movies and play games on these screens. Consider the models of mobile devices that are most used today so you can perform the respective tests.

Place the call to action button in a visible place

The first impression counts for users both on computers and mobile devices. Companies know this and therefore they take great care of their websites home page and mainly all the content that is visible in the first screenshot. On computers, this works quite well because the screen is large enough to place the menu, a photograph as a background, a title and subtitle, as well as a call to action button.

However, when moving all these elements on a mobile device such as a smartphone that not only has a smaller screen but is mainly used in vertical format and not horizontal as computers. Despite these limitations, you must get the attention of your users on these devices and for this, both the images and the call to action (CTA) button are important.

The main information and the call to action button should be visible in the first screen that users see on mobile. You must consider that you have less space, then you must move certain elements. It is likely that your CTA button is located in the center of the image or in the lower right part of the first screen.

Avoid using effects that may affect loading time

The parallax scrolling is a current trend that has been in force for some years and that, like many other web design trends, has an appropriate use occasion. If used properly, it will add value to your website and even help to tell a story more fluently.

But, like many other design trends, it has advantages and disadvantages. One of the most notable is that it increases the load time of the page, especially on mobile devices. This is a factor that really affects the user experience and SEO positioning. So think carefully before implementing the parallax scrolling on your website. Remember to contact top web development companies when designing a website.

Optimize the appearance of your gallery

Regardless of what type of website you have, it is likely that it has a good number of images particularly if it is a portfolio or online store. Remember that not only images must be optimized for mobile, but the appearance of the gallery must also adapt to the screen dimensions of a mobile.

If you have many images, it is better to have visible labels that your users can select to only see the photographs that interest them most. It is also a good idea to place a search system that can contain various filters, for example, if it is an online store with a variety of products.

Remove duplicate elements

On websites, two navigation elements are usually placed: the header where the menu bar is placed and the footer that usually has the same menu links and other additional ones. This is done in order to prevent the visitor from going to the top of the page to return to the menu bar, you can simply click on the link of your preference to go directly to the page or section you want.

Although it is a very useful function in computers, in mobile the repeated links in the footer must be eliminated. That is, the navigation links that are already in the menu bar should not be placed again in the footer. In return, always keep the navigation accessible on mobile phones. The most common option is usually the hamburger menus.

Evaluate your website in its entirety to verify if there are other elements that are repeated on the website and could grow the layout on mobile devices.

With these tips, you will reduce the scrolling time on your website which will, in turn, optimize the user experience on your website. Remember to contact top web development companies when designing a website.

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