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Tips for Developing Mobile-friendly Surveys

Over the years, companies have often carried customer insights to know the needs of the customers and device on ways how to improve their products or services.For many years, prospective clients could only access to these surveys through computers. In this way, they could only reach people who could access the computers. Over the last almost one decade, the use of smartphones has tremendously increased. This has seen many companies come on the mobile platforms to engage and attract clients.

Mobile-friendly Surveys

Smartphones have now become a very important part of everyone's life. This is because of the reason that its serves as an ‘all-in-one' device. That is from video chatting, sending emails, and carrying out important transactions and much other functionality. With all the functionalities that a smartphone can perform, it is just the right time for companies, which have not yet tried it, to start getting feedback on mobile platforms if they are looking to reach to a larger number of clientele.

Mobile survey is one of the greatest and surest ways that a company can collect both positive and negative feedback. Also, the companies are able to custom-make the needs of their clients. By developing a mobile-friendly survey, the customers can access this information from both computer and mobile. The only difference is that some features may fail to be clear on a mobile device like it is in a computer. Despite this major difference, a company can follow some tips to ensure that the type of survey created is very favorable for their clients. Some of these tips are;

  • Put the size of the screen into consideration; the different brands of mobile devices come with different screen sizes and resolutions. When coming up with a survey you should be very careful as no one is willing to scroll right and left to read through the information. This is one of the ways that the customers will easily get turned off. Also, when considering the font, you should seek to ensure that the font is kept in a way that it should be readable. There is no client that wants to keep on expanding in order to read the content. If you want results from as many people as possible, you should ensure that your survey is adjustable to any kind of mobile device regardless of the screen size. This way, your survey will be answered with so much ease and by many visitors.
  • What should be the right length of the survey; it is advisable that you should keep your questions as short as possible. This is because, there are very many busy people who may be willing to contribute but there is no time to go through lengthy questions. Keep it short and direct to the point. There is a risk of losing data especially is your market is for the people who are likely to be always on the go.
  • Choose the type of questions carefully; in mobile surveys, time is one of the elements that you need to consider. If the type of questions you ask are a bit hard to get the answer, the probability is that there will be very few people willing to give feedback. You should first test with the people around you if they can get answers to the questions. If not, it's the high time you go back to the drawing table. If possible, you should have questions with multiple answers to choose from.
  • The use of media should be completely reduced; pictures and videos take so long to load. This is quite a disadvantage if you, as a client, don't have enough data bundles. If there is a dire need of including an image, it should be completely small so as the device loads it faster.

By following the above tips you are sure to get the right kind of feedback that you maybe looking for.

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