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This Is Why It Is Advisable To Have Your Blog And Website Designed With WordPress

The WordPress development company has made it possible for everyone to have a website or a blog. So, whether you want to talk about your adventures or your travels, with WordPress there is always a way to achieve your objectives. Also, people that like to talk about sports, hospitality, or the latest news will equally find WordPress useful. The bottom line is that irrespective of your areas of interest, you can always use WordPress to build your website or blog.

WordPress was initially developed as a blog but as of today, it has become the most popular web development platform among web and app development companies. The WordPress development company has done huge work on the platform to make it what it is today. In fact, over 30% of all active websites run on WordPress. This makes the platform a recommendable option when planning on developing a blog or website.

As mentioned above, WordPress is extremely popular among web and app development companies. Some of the reasons why it is popular will be explained.

WordPress is easy to use

WordPress web development software or platform is very easy to use. In fact, top web and app development companies are very proficient with it that they can create a beautiful and professionally-designed website for you. In addition to that, web and app developers love it because it helps in making their job faster. Most of the codes and programming languages required to build a website have been undertaken by the WordPress development company, thereby leaving developers with the simplest aspect of the development project.

WordPress is self-hosting

Websites designed with WordPress are automatically hosted online for free. This helps to reduce the costs associated with web development. If you are building your website from scratch, apart from the fact that your developer may charge slightly higher, you will also be required to pay for the hosting service. Most web and app development companies will add this fee to your charges; meaning you have to pay more. However, WordPress has made it possible to design a website at a more affordable rate.

WordPress has built-in SEO

Another advantage of using WordPress is its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features. Search engine optimization allows websites designed with WordPress to rank high in search engines. The beauty of this development is that your website will feature among the results shown on the first page on search engines. And people usually pick a website from there, as they cannot spend all day searching older pages for what they may have already found on the first page.

WordPress is ideal for monetization

If you are designing a blog and wish to monetize it, WordPress will make it possible. Equally, if it’s a website you want to develop, WordPress is still recommendable. You can link your e-wallet to your blog or site. Besides, you can design it to accommodate credit/debit card payment options.

WordPress can be linked with social media

As usual, business owners have been advised to try various marketing techniques; social media marketing, e-mail marketing, and digital marketing. Now, after signing up on social media platforms, you can integrate your social media pages to your site if it was developed with WordPress. Not to worry, any of the recognized web and app development companies can assist with this project.

WordPress supports video and audio content

Some people believe that you can only upload videos to websites built from scratch. Well, this is a misconception, as WordPress supports pictures, audios, and videos. As a matter of fact, you may want to include video content to your website if you intend to convert your site visitors to potential customers. A good website should be able to achieve this aim since it is the reason why you have developed it in the first place. Videos are intriguing and research has shown that websites with videos attract more visitors as opposed to websites with only word content.

WordPress supports migration

If you have a website built with different software or from scratch and you will like to move the content to WordPress, you need the services of an experienced website developer. Moving a site from one platform to another requires experience and expertise, which is why you cannot take anything away from these top app development companies. They have what it takes to build your little business into a global brand as long as you support your business growth by making excellent decisions.

WordPress has numerous themes and templates

Yes, this is one of the greatest advantages of using WordPress for web design purposes. WordPress has numerous themes and templates that your developer can choose from, to design yours. WordPress boasts of so many fantastic themes suitable for professional website development, which is one of the reasons why it is loved by virtually all web and app development companies.

WordPress has thousands of plugins

WordPress has thousands of plugins which can be used for adding functionalities to a website. This feature is responsible for a great UI/UX web design. Nevertheless, app developers can get the best out of your website by using this feature.

WordPress is ideal for content management

With a WordPress-powered website, you should be able to undertake content management by yourself. That is, with good functionalities and a great user interface, you may not need the services of a developer should you have to edit the content of your website.

Finally, with all that has been discussed, you should understand why it is advisable to have your website or blog designed with WordPress. More so, you don’t have to hesitate to contact any of the web and app development companies for a web development project, as well as other marketing techniques that can help you to boost your business.

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