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The Importance of a Landing Page and General Guidelines

The world is moving fast today. New technologies. New applications. New trends. New markets. One can hear every single day that something has changed. Or something new has arrived. And sometimes it is really difficult to catch up with everything. The same is with business and the way we do it. The rapid increase of online business enterprises has completely changed the habits and customers’ expectations. And if you don’t accept and try to fit in you will miss out. And this is probably not the thing you want, right?

And how not to miss out? Well, there are a few methods. But the most important thing is to stay visible and to catch potential lead’s interest in a spur of a moment. And the best way you can do it is o provide yourself with a powerful marking tool which not only makes you more visible but also can boost your sales, increase brand awareness and make people trust you. And what is this magical tool? It’s nothing more than a landing page. But a good one.

What is a good landing page

The idea of landing pages has spread very quickly not only among online business entrepreneurs but all the businessmen who owned a business website and struggled to attract customers. The concept itself seems simple and innocent but it really has power. As you may have heard a landing page is a standalone website where the visitors first land and it gives them the first impression they have about your business. And you have to make sure that this first impression makes them want more and makes them trust your product or service. And this can only be done with a good landing page.

Creating a good landing page is not rocket science but also it is not a piece of cake. If you know what makes up a good and effective landing page you will probably be able to create one on your own or recognize whether the one you got from a landing page expert has good quality (or that you bought a pig in a poke). And, put briefly, a good landing page is a landing page that converts your visitors into valuable leads.

A converting landing page has to be three things: nice-looking, compelling and persuasive. If it lacks any of these features the visitors won’t stay more than five seconds and go to look for more interesting offers. Moreover, a good landing page has to be straightforward – the message you give to your visitors and the action you expect them to take has to be clear and understandable. They have to see what benefits you and your product or service can give them. And last but not least – an effective landing page builds confidence. In your product or service and in you. With trust, you will retain your visitors and they will become valuable leads. And that’s what it is all about.

What elements a good landing page has to have?

You can find online dozens of landing pages models which seem to be pretty ok. But in case of landing pages “pretty ok” is not enough and in most cases, a landing page model will not fit in your vision and your business. I know that taking a landing page model which is free and available on the Internet is the easiest thing to do. You click and you have it. But if you were to organize your wedding and you recently had been to a cool one, would you like just to transfer all the features of that wedding into yours? I guess, after all, you would like to adjust it a little bit and put in your ideas. And the same is with creating a landing page.

An effective landing page has to be well adjusted to the type of your business and your business model. Every single element has to match one to another and together they should form a coherent whole. When creating one you have to remember about putting a call to action in order to gain personal information about your potential leads in exchange for coupons or free trials. Also, all the time you have to think about your targeted readers, their needs and solutions you give them.

How to create a free landing page using a landing page builder?

It may sound pretty far-fetched but yes – you can create a free landing page instead of using the help of professional landing pages makers. And how is that? The easiest and most efficient way to do it is to use a little support the landing pages experts give on their business sites and make use of a landing page builder. And believe me – with that tool it can really go smoothly.

I am not going to pull the wool over your eyes and say you will create a good landing page in 5 minutes. It takes time. Time to think about the layout and the content. And time to actually put on landing page everything you want. But if you plan it well you can make an efficient good-looking landing page on your own. And not only you will earn additional skill but also obtain an extra powerful marketing tool which can change your business forever.

If you have any questions, please ask below!