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The Best Free Website Builders and Their Benefits

You can reach out to thousands of folks by building your own websites within minutes, even if you have negligible experience with coding; most of the web hosting firms offer free sites as part of their package. There are more than 15 free website builders in the market, and out of the popular options, we’ve listed top 7 builders, which can help you to take your web-based projects to next level. These allow you to easily create a website, customize the theme, update content, add pictures, and utilize a custom URL.

Progress in Web Technology

Unlike the earlier times, there are many options to appoint a pro-website designer to get started with your business. The process of creating sites has become fun and easier these days. You can select your own theme, layout, and customize your page, offering a different whole look. No complex coding or lengthy publishing process is needed to update the page to make it visible to audience. Moreover, mobile site needs to be optimized easily to be viewed on smartphone. You can convey the messages about your brand through Google+, Twitter, and Facebook by integrating social features.

Importance of Optimizing Site for Mobile Devices

Viewers expect a lot from your website and want to reach you everywhere through tablets, mobiles, desktops, and social media networking websites. The website builders take care of your site, ensuring it looks great and works fine on all devices and platforms. The websites would be optimized for search engines, making it easy to share your products and content on social media websites.

Making Use of Free Web Builders

You do not have to appoint a pro designer or invest huge amount of money so as to create identity and brand awareness for your website. The free site builders provide a series of backgrounds, fonts, images, and templates to select from. With up-to-date drag and drop software, you can control and customize your site as per your requirements. The website builders have everything that you need, in order to set up your site, starting from hosting, add-on features, and templates, including Google maps, image gallery tools, video widgets, and more. You can share on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter and get inspiration and advice from industry experts and like-minded people. So, here are 7 fantastic options worth giving a try.



Wix is known for creating search engine sites; you can develop personal page as well as professional Facebook page, mobile websites, and online shopping portals. The free sites come with 500 MB bandwidth and storage space, ad-ons, quality support, and Google Analytic. Using latest HTML 5, this website builder is dedicated to offer customers the best quality hosting services. Wix is the best way to develop free flash sites and despite having no or little knowledge about coding, you can easily create HTML page.

Google Sites

google sites

Google sites help you to easily create a free site along with great integration features, such as RSS, Google Calendar, and Docs. You can find several pre-built templates and in-built features that allow you to create sites just by a single click and can also personalize as per your requirements.



This is yet another free website builder that comes with host of features and easy to use drag-drop structure. Webs also has premium package; the free websites need not require any technical skills; moreover, web analytic tools are very easy to use.



With more than 12-million users utilizing it, Weebly needs no introduction; it has several features, such as compatible audio and video player, drag/drop features, andim age editor.

Web Starts


Web Starts provides lot of interesting and appealing features for free sites, such as custom email address, slide show features, and many other search engine friendly aspects.



Established in the year 2004, Jimdo creates both personal and professional sites; it's very easy to use develop your own site and add as many pages, videos, content, and pictures as you want.



Webnode helps students, bloggers, artists, and companies to create their own professional or personal web-based business. Online stores and personal sites are given small storage space, 1GB bandwidth.

These free website builders allow you to create fully functional sites, and there's no reasons why you shouldn’t give them a try.

Sean Parker is one of the web experts who has been building and maintaining websites since 2005. He has created this list of 7 sites out of another comprehensive list of 15 best free website builders that he had tried personally.

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