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Smart Way to Create Visual Sitemap and Let Eearch Engines Know about It

visual-sitemap-exIn cutting edge competition of modern days, having a remarkable presence for your website is pre-requisite. It helps you to reach out to your targeted set of visitors and you can achieve desired level of growth. But, the process of making your website popular on the web is a challenging path. Some of the intelligent options in this process include search engine optimization, strategy based design and development of your website and installation of components that lead to easy navigation and quick surfing experience to the targeted visitors. Having huge traffic reaching out to your website is not just enough; making them stay on your website is equally important. The latter part is something, which requires additional efforts.

While looking into basic search engine optimization solutions, you would discover that importance of installing an effective sitemap to your website. Site mapping is the process, which empowers you to have a great reach to the targeted visitors. Every visitor clicking on your website would choose to stay there and spend more time if only there is easy to access. The surfing has to be smooth, powered with quick and error free navigation. Having a smart and visual sitemap installed to your website ensures the same.

Understanding the concept of sitemap

As you begin to look at the sitemap, you should see it as a roadmap to your website. It tells your visitors about each and every page of your website. It helps them to find the desired pages without any error. They can easily navigate and land up to desired page without facing any hassles.

Sitemap generator in modern times is software based setup, which ensures that all pages, categories, tabs and menu tabs of your website are converted into an attractive website map. The map is generally at the footer and created automatically by the software. It serves as the architecture plan for the entire website and guides the users about where to go and which tab to click for reaching to a specific area.

Whether you have a huge e-commerce platform or a small website/blog or static webpage, having sitemap is always an added advantage. It would guide the visitors to choose the right and dedicated path to navigate and surf through the website. However, the role of the sitemap is certainly more concrete for the huge e-commerce platforms, which are vast and have endless categories and sub categories.

The modern concept of having a visual sitemap generator helps the website developers to integrate an attractive sitemap with the website in few simple steps. It is time saving and provides excellent user experience. These tools are also available with added SEO plugins and support tabs, helping them to achieve maximum benefits in terms of optimizing the website as per the search engine optimization trends. This further helps the website to reach on the top of the search engine result pages. There is a lot more to understand about the sitemaps. The above mentioned pointers are just the basic knowledge. However, with the availability of the ready to use tools, which do not require any knowledge about programming languages, it has become easy to use these tools. They make the complex task of installing and running sitemaps easier

Types of sitemaps:

There are mainly two types of sitemaps-HTML sitemap and XML sitemap. Each of these has their own significance in the field of website optimization. Web designers and developers choose one of these based on different factors. The requirement of the website and type of the webpage are two key points, which lead to the selection of a particular type of sitemap.

HTML sitemaps are best suitable for the websites, which are not huge and dynamic. This type of sitemaps is nothing but a list of HTML links to each tab and page of your website. Hence, if you don’t have multimedia content and your website is simple in terms of design and development, this is the best type of sitemap for you.

On the other hand, XML sitemaps are designed and meant to serve the grand range of multimedia content and huge websites with complex structure. These sitemaps help you create sitemaps within the sitemaps. Hence, if your website is huge and it has categories as well as sub-categories, this type of site mapping is the best technique to use. It will help you manage the huge web structure and you can enjoy offering a smooth surfing experience to your website.

Why Visual Sitemap?

Visual sitemap is the key to add attractive and visually aesthetic sitemap to your website. It would keep the visitors engaged and do not annoy them with too much of plain links. When they see a sorted sitemap at the bottom of the website, they are able to find an easy trail to the different pages of the website. Following are the key benefits associated with visual sitemaps:

  • Advanced surfing experience for the users.
  • Easy and organized navigation for the website.
  • Organized website architecture.
  • Improved performance of the website in terms of search engine optimization.
  • Controlled functioning of the pages, tabs, categories and more.
  • Improved rank of the website in search engine result pages.

Choosing a sitemap generator tool

Once you have understood the concept of sitemaps, visual sitemaps, site mapping process and sitemap generation for different types of websites, the key aspect comes in picture. It is nothing but choosing the best visual sitemap generator. There are various options to choose from but you need to focus on the tool that is designed to meet your precise requirements. DYNO Mapper is one such highly recommended tool, which has excellent specifications to make your sitemap generation process easier and better.

You can read more about DYNO Mapper and its key features, making the overall process really interesting and exciting for the end users. The tools is quite handy and user friendly. It also offers added plugins and integrated SEO features to enrich the website optimization for your web presence. You should focus on letting the search engines know about your website.

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