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Required Features of a Car Dealer Website Template

Auto dealers and car lot owners are utilizing custom made websites to manage and simplify their business like never before. A good website template must not only make a good impression on your potential customers using the internet when making a buying decision, but also meet the unique needs and goals you have as a dealer, from managing inventory, tracking sales, to uploading pictures to the internet.

A good website template can not only be beneficial meeting these needs, but also simplify the tasks of running a car dealer business while saving time also. A few simple but essential features are a must have in the industry when choosing a website template to help streamline and simplify these tasks. We are going to look at the five must have features of any good car dealer website template, five features that your website as a dealer cannot and must not be without.

The first feature that you must have is thumbnails. With thumbnail pictures of your inventory, your customers can click on the thumbnail link and immediately view full size pictures of any vehicle on your lot! A must have for sure.

The second feature your website template must have is a complete inventory management system with “click and save” efficiency for adding vehicles and getting them posted online quickly and efficiently. After all, as a car dealer your priority is to sell cars, without all the hype and flash.

The third feature is to have the CARFAX logo and link for every vehicle that has a CARFAX report. Customers love CARFAX reports.


The fourth key thing for your website is RSS Feed submitters that basically include your inventory on other sites such as Vast, Oodles and others. This is a must have for any good dealer website template.

The fifth feature you as a car dealer will want, and maybe even the most powerful in terms of sales generated, is a Craigslist Auto Poster. This unique and indispensable tool lets you post professional pages of both pictures and description on Craigslist just by selecting a vehicle from your own menu! You can easily post thirty or more vehicles from your inventory to Craigslist in a matter of minutes!

With these features listed here as part of your car dealer website template, you as a car dealer will definitely have a unique advantage while streamlining and saving valuable time also. And you will have a website as unique as the car dealer business itself.

Courtesy: http://www.autojini.com/

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