Web design

Let Your Design Feature Your Products

flat-screensWebsite design is a big part of any company’s online presence. For companies with traditional storefronts, having a website with a less than stellar design may not hurt their overall sales. However, if you own an ecommerce website, a bad design can send customers running right to your competitor. To keep your customers happy, you need to have an ecommerce website design that features your best products without looking like it’s doing a lot of work.

Keep it Simple

With an ecommerce site you do not want to provide customers with more distractions. Pop ups, poor navigation options and color schemes that make products hard to see and descriptions hard to read will only drive customers away. Most ecommerce sites takes advantage of simply white background that do a great job at letting the photo and description of each product speak for itself. If you want to add some type of color to the page, the menu bar and your logo will be sufficient to keep the pop of color interesting, but not distracting.

Provide Plenty of Options

If you sell products in a range of sizes, colors and styles, it may be beneficial to you and your customers if you can combine some of these elements on the same page. This can be done with some simple drop down menus that provide customers with the different choices for their product.

When it comes to similar options that are not the exact same product, your site navigation should provide specific categories so that customers can find products similar or related in some fashion to a product they like or have already purchased in the past. Many ecommerce sites also take advantage of white space on the page by providing suggested options for additional products that may go with the product currently being viewed.

Maintain Security

While security plays a behind-the-scenes role in most ecommerce design, you will want to make sure that your customers can clearly see the effort you are putting in to protecting their privacy. Visible elements can include an SSL certificate, security features of the site described on your About Us page and a shopping cart application that customers will know and trust.

Design is an important part of the sales process when your business operated primarily online, Make sure that your design features your best products and provides customers with an easy, exciting shopping experience.

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