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Know-How of Material Web Design

Material designMaterial web design is the popular topic in today’s scenario as it basically works to decide how Android apps must look. All of the contributing factors for a website layout result in a highly appealing and visually sound website.

In this technology-oriented world, any business on web can sustain only if it has a pretty look. The web world is all about making eye-catching designs that catch user’s undivided attention. Google’s material web design is one such approach that counts for the appearance of the Android apps and defines in parallel how UI should work. The rules were defined for style, layout, animation, components, patterns and usability. The other mandatory specifications to be included are color palettes and typography options.

What Exactly Material Web Design Means!

Although designing is a very common trend, but there is so much coming each new day that can add creativity in the place where it has been used. Material design is a similar approach in the current scenario that creates a visual language for the users. Here, it combines the classic principles of a pretty design with the innovation and implementation of science and technology.

Material Design And Android Apps

The material design apps can be easily made with the Android with the use of below elements:

* A new theme, new widgets and new APIS, where widgets are used for the complex views while the APIs are meant for custom shadows and animations

How to Make the Best Use of Material Web Design by Google

  • Do more creativity with the color palette and go beneath the color to opt dark shades instead of bright colors.
  • Typography version can be expanded to remove monotonous items and achieve typefaces compatibility.
  • Employ the concepts of this trend efficiently with an optimum mix and match for refined results.
  • Focus on designing icons and other UI elements as per the guidelines specified by the design.
  • Don’t put all of the material design in your work. Use a piece of it and make the best use of it. Do not overdo it with all the features making your design messy.
  • Use the material guidelines for the best results. Like for say, to use grid in the icons with consistent spacing. Use of such concepts makes the design aesthetic.

Features of Material Design

  • A single adaptive design where colors, hierarchy and iconography remains almost similar, rather consistent.
  • The bold design creates meaning and focus, while implementing deliberate color choices and large-scale typography for more clarity.
  • A material is the metaphor. The material design is referred as the unifying theory which is based on system of motion and rationalized space. The material is highly inspired by paper study and transparent for imagination.
  • The surface, color and iconography being used for trigger user actions, which is basically the essence of experience design. Inflection points is the primary action here that transforms the whole design and also enables the core functionality to be apparent.
  • Users can initiate the change, and these changes in the UI gain energy via user actions.
  • Entire actions takes place in a one place environment. Users are delivered with objects maintaining the continuity of experience.
  • Motion are transitions in the design, make it live and provide it a meaning. It serves to focus the attention and maintain the continuity.
  • With a unified look, all the products are bind together.
  • This flat design has bright color components that enable a light-weight appearance.
  • Animations are smartly tweaked for a playful experience while assuring maximum content.


The Google’s material design specifications have the tremendous advantage for the web apps. It empowers a better view along with a sound knowledge of how user interface works. A unified experience for all the device sizes and platforms is offered via a single underlying system. Material design is basically an efficient designing concept to build websites and applications via a perfect blend of science, technology, innovation, appearance and trends.

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