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Keeping it Simple - Web Design Essentials

shopping bagsPossibly the most important idea that is often overlooked when a business is setting up and designing their first web site - is simplicity.

The concept of simplicity covers a wide range of web design and development aspects, but the most crucial and encompassing -is functionality. Consumers do not want to spend much time figuring out how to navigate through your website. If your visitors are not able to find the information, product, or service they are looking for in just a few clicks, they will leave. To ensure a higher conversion rate, keep your browsing and buying instructions straightforward and your call to action links clear and concise.

Untitled-5Another vital reason for simplicity in your web design is aesthetic influence. Research completed by Google back in 2012, indicates that a majority of people prefer a more sophisticated and unpretentious web page rather than a more complex and visually chaotic site. Nevertheless, many web designers and business owners still believe that it is better to put as much information and flashy images on their pages as possible, thinking mistakenly that more is always better. Science however, tells us different - it clearly reveals that consumers are easily distracted and agitated by extraneous and complicated images and information on web pages. The reason for this is also simple - we tend to enjoy looking at things more that are comfortable and familiar, things that are attractive because of their openness and sincerity.

Consider these two web pages for juice companies directed at a family audience.

Which one do you find more appealing?

For most consumers, the choice is simple - the Mott's page is clean, easy to look at, and easy to navigate. The Pennyjuice page is not, the colours are too harsh, and the text too jumbled.

The best way to incorporate simplicity in your web design is simply to remember that less is more - more effective, more appealing, and more likely to convert your visitors into customers. Use relevant and attractive images and text content that is clear, concise, and friendly to convey your message and close the sale with as few elements as possible.

Keep in mind that your visitor found your site because he or she already knew what they were looking for, now all you have to do is provide it to them. Obnoxious and cluttered images and incoherent, rambling content is not going to achieve your ultimate goal, which is to convert the visitor into not just a customer, but also a returning customer. The best way to do that is to present them with an easy to navigate, pleasing and enjoyable web site that makes it effortless and comfortable for them to obtain your products and services.

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