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Keep It Simple And Stupid For Users – Key Learning Points For UX Design For Web

KISS which is the acronym for Keep it short and simple but when it comes to web design the same KISS becomes Keep it simple and stupid, because users like everything to be simple and easy to follow. A few points that will help you provide a good user experience design (UX design) for web is given below.

If you are working in a web design company and if you do not improve yourself continually you will not progress. So keep reinventing yourself and keep improving, learn the latest designs and in short stay focused.

Ease of use is the main thing that a UX design should focus on. Nowadays nobody has time to learn navigating from one page to another. They just need a back button to go back to previous page and a home button to take back to the main page. So make sure that navigation is easy and most web design companies ensure that.

The design for the web should be such that when a person visits, he or she should find what they require and move on. People use the web mostly to save time and not to spend a lot of time in a website, so tell your web design firm that the UX design should take this into account.

Users like consistency. Ask your web design firm to not keep changing the designs constantly. If the tabs are in a particular order, let it remain the same. When a customer comes to your website repeatedly they need to feel that they know where to head to in your website. Constant changing will ensure your customer moving to another website. Also nowadays most customers like to search websites rather than navigate from one page to another, so your web design should include a search button that allows a person to search what he needs in your website. All good websites have a search button nowadays specially to cater to the audience that prefer searching rather than navigating from one page to another.

As a UX design your web page should be clear. A person visiting should know what he is doing easily. For example if a person selects a product to buy, it should be clear that the product has been added to the shopping cart, he or she can continue buying or checkout, these options should be clear. The best websites have minimal design but it provides optimum retention as users like such designs.

Ensure that the people who use the website are in control. Do not try to take control of them. For example ensure that the navigation is easy and if the user tries to edit or save something the buttons should be easily available and this way the user will feel that they are in control. Always provide an option for them to go back to the previous page.

A good UX design is never created from one idea. Never settle for the first idea that comes to your mind. Sit down and analyse the idea, brainstorm with your team, read design books, ask questions to your team, try to find flaws with the idea, shortlist two to three best ideas and then sit down and come up with the best one. If needed you can incorporate all the short listed ideas to come up with one good design idea. Do not try to make the perfect UX design as it will only hamper your creativity. Nothing is ever perfect, so build what is the best. If you try for perfection you will only lose customers as you will surely not be able to keep up with the deadlines set by the client.

Think like a user. Do not think from the web design irms point of view. What would seem like a great design will not provide the best user experience. User experience is of paramount importance. Do a study and understand why people stay on websites for a longer period and why people move away from some websites immediately. Try to include those ideas in your UX design for web. For example, Amazon has a very good design and it has everything that a person needs and provides everything in a systematic manner, you can include the best things that Amazon does on your website. Your research should include not just Amazon but the best websites in the market.

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