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Important Tools For WordPress Developers


A WordPress developer has a large type of tools that can be discarded. There are vast number people who want to know about WordPress development tool because WordPress has been extended from the past being just a blogging platform. It is now deemed as the most fancied CMS for bloggers and developers.

Normally, people are distracted by the constant release of trends and tools and demand something which is fast and efficient to build their business. So if you rent a professional WordPress developer that work in theme development or technical support, there are a variation of products that can be developed on WordPress platform.

Here is the list of excellent development tools for WordPress developer that can assist to develop a successful WordPress website.


Developer is one of the great plugins for developers. It promotes and installs plugins related to the development area. It provides links to all the plugins which claim along with additional settings that are crucial for any WordPress development environment. This plugin is new for those who are using WordPress for the first time and get access to all the necessary plugins that experienced WP developers may use.

Monster Widget

This plugin is recommended for the woo commerce developer. It enables for quick and easy testing of multiple woo commerce widgets. It is the tiring and wearisome task, especially if you have to imitate it on more than one test site. The Monster widget consolidates all 13 core widgets into a single widget which allows the theme developers to create multiple occurrences with ease. This widget cannot be practiced in production.

RTL Tester

It encourages the WordPress developer’s to test the themes and plugins in RTL mode. It suggests a button in the admin bar and allows the admin to rearrange the text direction of the site. It can also help the WordPress developer to control its theme and plugins with Right To Left (RTL) text direction.

Nearly 200 million people are using this tool, but the only difficulty that comes in it is resembling an RTL context, but its Tester has brought some salvation.

Regenerate Thumbnails

This tool helps to renew its thumbnails after changing the thumbnail sizes. It is too accessible if a WordPress developer has changed any of your thumbnail dimensions. This can be executed after uploading images or have changed to a theme after various featured post image dimensions. You may run it free on your media or go over all of them.

Theme Check

Theme Check is another magnificent tool to check the effectiveness of your themes according to the latest WordPress criteria and practices. It examines the theme and makes sure it is matching with the latest theme review standards. With the help of this tool, you can run all the automated examined tools on your WordPress.org theme which are used for theme submission.

It checks through a mild admin menu and exposes its result at once. It is the very convenient tool for WordPress theme developers or anyone who wants to make sure that their theme bears the latest WordPress theme standards and practices.


Since WordPress development, we have found that there are many marvelous tools at disposal. It is not necessary to skip on each bandwagon which you come across. But surely, there are some unusual WordPress tools which are made to secure programming. The above discussed are few best tools that can be used for WordPress development. Try them out!

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