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How to Secure Your WordPress Blog from Spam Comments?

lerablogWebsite spamming is now being witnessed as a common phenomenon. The fear of users spamming and wreaking havoc through viruses and such related activities has made it a necessity to adopt certain security measures to hinder such negative activities from damaging your website.

Keeping in mind a good number of website security tips are essential toward maintaining a website free from spam comments and thereby also enhancing its safety and protection. The most effective way to keep websites free from such nuisance and setbacks is through regular updating and management of security and other vulnerable factors which are present in a website.

Keep the following website security tips to ensure that you're employing the most eligible and effective techniques toward guarding against such setbacks:

1. Setting up Captcha Option

Many times spamming is done through robots which scourge the internet seeking to find vulnerable comment sections. The best way to prevent a chain of spammy comments is through setting up a Captcha option in. This is effective as entering a captcha makes spammy and robotic activities useless.

2. Remove html from comments

Removing the presence of HTML in comments is another requisite toward having a filtered comment section.

3. Use wordpress plugins

The most effective tool is making use of the wordpress plugins which come within the package. Several plugins like Akismet, present in wordpress is seen as a very powerful element in stopping spammy comments. Akismet is also aided by plenty of other plugins present within wordpress itself which make spammy comments ineffective.

4. Also incorporate security features in the website

Spam comments can also be filtered through the usage of security features which make it hard for robots and users looking to enter spam manually through comments.

Always keeps an eye out for developers coming up with several beneficial plugins which can improve the safety of the website.

It is now safe to say that there are plenty of features and tools that will benefit and push your site towards a progressive path.

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