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How to Create an Exceptional Website to Promote Your Construction Business in Phoenix

Phoenix is a city that matches the mythical bird of fire it is named after in temperatures. But that’s not all that’s high and flying there. It has a strong economy with a GDP of $272.113 Billion (2019). The average weekly wage is $1,131 in the metro area.

City dwellers spent an average of $21,492 on housing alone in the same period. Commercial real estate investment totaled $2.8 Billion in Nov.2020. So it comes as no surprise that the city witnessed an unprecedented rise in the start of construction projects of around 82% in the beginning half of 2020.

Any construction business would want to set up shop in a place where the business will boom. But for that, it could need to stand out with the right marketing strategy, of which website is a vital component.

Pleasing User Interface/Experience

Nobody likes ugly buildings, no matter how valuable or well-constructed they might be. It’s why there are architects, after all. The same holds for websites. How they look and what feelings they evoke in a visitor might make or break it.

Top-performing websites are welcoming to their visitors with how they are laid out and designed. Elements like pictures, titles, links, videos, etc., are laid out to convey the company’s message without being intrusive and bothersome.

All the relevant sections are laid out simplistically so that they are easy to access. The color scheme will reflect the brand logo and image while not being obtrusive to the observer. The effects used will leave a good impression in the minds of visitors for a long time.

Construction Techniques to Get the Best Construction Site

Technology has enabled us to add a plethora of eye- and ear-grabbing features into websites. These and more combine to give every visitor a truly engaging experience that will lead to conversions. Your Phoenix web design company can provide you that perfect standout website. will engage with you to help create an excellent website for your business by welding these technologies and techniques together.

An Exhaustive About Page

Transparency builds trust, so coming forth about yourself to prospective customers will make them choose your company. The about us page is for just that.

It should be able to answer the most common questions any prospective client might have about things like:

  • Company history and experience
  • On-going and finished constructions
  • Some personal information about the management and workers such as their qualifications
  • Locations where you operate
  • Achievements if any
  • Certifications and Compliance Details
  • Types of materials used generally
  • Variety Of Projects Usually taken up, etc.

Services Offered

This is where you tell the world what all your construction company does. This section must be laid out in as transparent a manner as possible to make it very easy for any visitor type to understand it.

Your expertise in building dwellings for hot-dry places like Phoenix can be highlighted, for example. Since the city hosts multiple types of industries like mining, manufacturing, leisure, hospitality, etc., you can describe which of these you will serve, if not all.

It’s best to have a separate section for this. Combining it with the About Us page will make the latter bulky and confusing with excess information.

On-Site AV Content

Some people believe that construction is an art form by itself. And that’s a hard point to argue against with structures like the Gammage Auditorium and Luhrs Tower.

So, it pays to use the construction of buildings itself as a marketing tool for your company. The types and quality of service you offer can be easily shown and explained on your website for the world to take notice.

Completed projects should also feature prominently; right on top of the home page would be ideal. You could also include them in a dedicated section.

It would also help boost worker morale by including images of them showcasing their job skills.

This can be brought forth by utilizing images or a combination of videos embedded in the site, with or without narration.

SEO Based, Multi-platform Compatibility

Content is always the king, irrespective of the site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes that content genuinely effective. They go together to put your site on top of the search results.

With most people choosing to visit websites on mobiles, your site must be compatible across all sorts of devices and not just PC’s. This also helps with SEO.

Phoenix continues to blaze the trail with greater construction business prospects. A Phoenix web design company will help your construction company climb to the top of the charts with the perfect website.

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