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How to Create a 3D Packaging Mock-up in Adobe Photoshop?

No doubt, creating a 3D packaging mockup in Adobe Photoshop is considered an uphill task. People spend hours for design print in order to build attractive Photoshop mockups in the combinations of different colors and various designs.

Photoshop Actions are in fact great tools in order to turn a flat design into an attracting 3D image within seconds by the single click of button.

When you think to create 3D packaging mockup, the first thing is how this can be created? Now don't need to be worried about this question because an easy way of creating a 3D packaging mockup in Adobe Photoshop is given below.

There are many pre-recorded steps which will definitely guide you in order to make a certain look even without the help of any designer. You can apply every step manually.

1. Locate the product

Firstly, you have to search that product which you want to mockup for 3D packaging. Locate that product and download it. For that purpose, you can preferably integrated search feature according to your choice.pack_1

2. Install the Photoshop actions

It is no doubt an important step to download the Photoshop actions. So, it is very important to install the Photoshop actions for 3D mockup packaging and then locate your file or folder. After downloading it, double click on this option. You need not to be worried for it. Photoshop will help and care the rest of the work.


3. Play the very first action

Remember, it is not the first step rather it is the third step. There are always two set of actions in a download.

  • The very first action is the building and creating of a canvas where a flat artwork can be created. This is a very important step in making of 3D packaging.
  • The second action in making of 3D packaging is the conversion of flat artwork into a stylized shot of product or packaging.

In order to start the work, firstly play the very first action in the downloaded set by using which starting canvas of the packaging will be created. It also contains some artwork related along with the fundamental instructions that how a file can be used properly.


4. Create a background fill

Now, the time to create a proper bag artwork has been started. For that, you have to delete all the current layers in the PSD and then toss it in the texture in order to create and fill the canvas.


5. Add a picture or mockup of the product

Now, this is the time to add a picture or mockup of the product which image you want to make. Place its image elegantly in the centre of the canvas.


6. Add more images

You can now add more pictures and blend the image in the 3D scenario. You can also work with the background nicely and duplicate this image in few seconds. You can also scatter various images of the required product mockup image in the centre of the canvass. Rotate it according to your taste. You can also add more variations in the 3D mockup packaging image accordingly. You can do anything according to your desire.


7. Add a headline

After finalizing the image steps, now it's time to write the headline of the product name. Write the title of the image clearly in an attractive manner. You can also blend this headline in different modes and different colors.


8. Darken the top and bottom

Now, it's time to finish off the bag artwork. You have to darken the areas of top and bottom of the package. These are in fact those areas in a packaging which reflect the crinkled edges of the bag.


9. Play the second action

The amazing thing about this action is that you can add details of the design all the day without any problem, because tastes and preferences are randomly and continuously changing for every person. In this way, a new document can also be created.


Yes, everything is done:

Are you excited now or not? Everything is almost done now. You can see the image of the product shots in 3D. Yes, you have created this custom artwork, it is wrapped perfectly in a decent and three dimensional product shot. Really Awesome!!!

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