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How Hair Salons can Increase Sales with Website Apps?

qfwefweWhen 2.2 billion people are actively using the internet, no business can survive without an online presence. It is great that you have created a website for your hair salon business but that's not the only thing pertinent for success. Even having a website created for your hair salon by professionals is still not enough, you need to have website apps for tapping onto to more customers. Although people are widely using the internet, but now they use smartphones to browse majorly. And speaking of smartphones, you are going to need a mobile website app for your hair salon business too. A mobile app is not just a great way to connect with more customers, but it is a great marketing channel as well. Other types of website apps can offer such features which can readily help boost your business productivity and increase sales effectively.

Take a look at how online appointment scheduling website apps can help increase sales and productivity for your hair salon:

Reservations on the go

Appointment scheduling will become easy with a website app not just for the customers but you as an owner as well. The customers will just have to open slots and schedule an appointment and it will be added to your calendar readily. There won't be any trouble of hiring extra staff to receive phone calls and write down all the appointments. The app will ease the job for you.


With the website app, you can send reminders to your customers about their appointments. Don't let your customer miss his appointment or move onto another establishment. This dedication might help in impressing the customers also.

Photo gallery

Customers are often not sure what kind of a haircut they want. So why not offer a style library to help them browse different haircuts and readily pick a style they want for themselves? If there is no photo gallery, you are not going to get any customer at all. They need to know what you can offer and what they can get.

Customer feedback

Your hair salon website must have testimonials and feedback of your previous clients. Encourage your clients to take photos and send testimonials. It will help in building trust with the new customers and your existing customers would love to have their picture there in your app.

Special offers

Mobile app is the best medium to advertise special offers, promotions and events. Your customers will get notifications on their screens whenever a special offer is introduced. If they seem to be interested, they won't leave any chance of tapping onto the opportunity. There are lots of creative ideas through which you can generate interests of the app users and invite them to grab the offer and increase sales in your salon.

Sell products

Hair salons don't just offer grooming services, they also have certain products to offer like clay, gel, wax, and other cosmetics. Why not use the website app to sell these products? Let customers browse through your product category, submit their orders and make payments through your online payment system.

Take a look at the apps created by your competitors and see what they are offering. Don't miss the chance of tapping onto customers with your very own hair salon app. It is going to be much more than just an appointment scheduling platform.

Hire the most talented web designers and discuss all the details about what to include in the app and what not. It must be different from a typical hair salon app but it must be easy to use and navigate. You will see how this step will massively increase sales for your hair salon.

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