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Great Tricks If You Are Designing Website for the First Time [Infographic]

Who does not want to follow the trend? A website to represent your business is one of the most important trends going on these days. Having a website to represent your business online is compulsory for you if you are a businessman. And when you have finally decided to get a website designed for your business, you should know that you have taken the right track to success. It must be your first website then. Designing your first website is very special. You have hopes, you have ideas, you start expecting and ultimately you start counting the profit.

Before you start up with your website one thing that you need to know is think like a user but not like a businessman. When you are giving something then you have to think about what all the requirements are only then you will be able to give whatever has been asked for. So if you are ready to design your first website then here are some tricks that you should follow for designing a superb website at the first go.

1. Navigation

Whenever you design a website it is crucial to design a very logical and clear navigation. How will you feel if you visit a website where everything is just haphazardly designed and you are unable to find what you were looking for? Whether you are selling multiple products or limited products it is important to design a well organized and smooth website that user could access easily.

2. Content

How will you check out the products and services if there is no content on the website? But what if there is enough content on the website but the font used is not clear and the content is not readable? Hence it is important to provide only required content on your website but with a font that is easy to read.

3. Visual Appearance

Your website should look appealing and should be able to grab the attention whoever passes through it. For making it catchy, do not go for animations or too heavy graphics, but keep it as simple as you could. You have to keep your website clean yet informative, easy to access yet impressive. Elegant visual appearance is what catches attention easily. Using very bright colours is not advisable.

4. Logo and Header

Take time and think. Look for thousands of different designs and decide a logo. A logo is something that represents your brand name and it has to be unique and creative. It should be something that could speak what you really want to tell to your audience. And when it comes to header, design it very carefully, keeping it clean yet detailing about your products and services.

5. Graphics and Illustrations

You must have heard that an image can speak thousands of words but using senseless and low resolution image won't speak any of the word you want to convey to your users. So keep your words useful and sensible when you make an image and always make sure that you are using an image with high resolution. Also use some unique and customized pictures to make your content look more spicy.

6. Meta Tags and Page Titles

Generally users do not read the complete web page so it is necessary to provide them with some impressive and original titles that should make them think that they need to move to this page. The titles and meta tags that you use should be relevant to the content on the page. Make use of different titles and tags for every page so that it will be treated like a separate page and should get easily indexed by the search engines.

7. Strong Readability of the text

If you want your users to read the text on your website then write short sentences. If your website has large paragraphs then break them into some short ones to make it more readable. The best is to provide your users with bullet points so that it would be easier for your readers to get the pints of their interests.

8. Important Information

When you have to share some important information always keeps that info above the fold so that it should get significant as soon the site gets opened first. Keep all your necessary information for this portion so that the viewers do not have to scroll down to find out what all is going here.

9. Hire a skilled Web Designer

You can only represent your business to the outer world using your website. This is known as the best possible way to reach to global audience. A single mistake can ruin everything. So do not act like a miser person but hire an experienced Web Designer for working on your website to get maximum benefits. They know what and where to use to make your website go more elegant.

10. Use Analytics Tool

After you are done with your website design and you have made your website live you can always use Analytics tool to see how many people have visited our website, how many of them stayed for long and how many just went through. Analytics always help you in framing an idea about what users think of your website.

So if you follow these 10 tips you are definitely going to land up with an amazing and elegant website. Give your users a strong reason to come to your website and to get converted into your permanent customers. All the Best!

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