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Features That Make a Website Memorable

Naturally, a person who is starting an online business wants to do everything he or she can to make it successful. Regardless of the product or service, creating a memorable website plays a critical part in the success of a new business. Look at a few features that can make a website memorable to visitors.

Colorful Images

Generally, people notice the colorful images on a website before reading one word of text. The colors should be chosen carefully so they create a visual harmony that is appealing to visitors. Also, people appreciate clear, distinct images. For instance, a business owner who is selling clothing may want to post more than one image of each garment. People like to see clothing items from different perspectives. A collection of colorful images can persuade a visitor to explore what else the business has to offer.

Clear, Concise Text

The text on a website should be clear and easy to understand. Most people who visit a website want to be able to absorb information in a matter of seconds. For example, a business owner selling pet supplies should post a short description of each item. Each brief description should contain all of the necessary information a consumer needs to decide whether to make the purchase. Most online shoppers appreciate succinct descriptions that provide all of the facts without extra words. Getting custom web design is one idea for a business owner who needs some help setting up a memorable website.

Ease of Use

The website of a business should be easy to use. A person visiting the site must be able to travel to wherever he or she needs to go in a matter of moments. For instance, if a visitor wants to see one specific product, he or she should be able to find it with a couple clicks of the mouse. Also, if a visitor wants to ask a question about a product there should be instructions as to how to contact the business or a frequently asked questions page that is helpful to visitors. A website that is easy to navigate is a definite plus for online shoppers.

Regular Updates of Information

An online business owner must make sure that his or her website receives regular updates. This may mean adding new products or posting a blog describing upcoming products. In addition, it's a good idea for a business owner to regularly change images and refresh the text throughout the site. People who visit the website on a regular basis will be able to tell whether there have been updates. Most online customers want to shop at an online business that has something new every time they visit.

Finally, a website is more memorable when it has something extra special to offer visitors. This could be background music or graphics that come alive on the page. These touches can serve to set a business owner's website apart from the competition.

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