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Essential Aspects of Web Design to Evaluate Your Business

Different websites leave a different impact on your mind as and when you visit them. Some leave you frustrated, while others leave you mesmerised. The others are fairly neutral and do not have any significant impact and you tend to visit them just because you have a functional need to do so.

The ones that enthrall you with their looks and layout have been designed systematically and diligently by the web designing teams that could be a part of a leading website designing company in Chennai, Bangalore or anywhere else. Looks are not the only thing that charm you; there are various other factors contributing to it. These are the consistency, layout and responsiveness among others, but they definitely are free of unnecessary elements that clutter the space. Discussed below are some aspects of website design that enable your website to do the best for your business.

The First Representative

It is your website and not your logo or your products as you might want to believe. Even before consumers think about using your product, they tend to visit the website to learn more about it. Hence, they are exposed to your website before your product, making it your very first representative for the consumers. The page that they would first see is your home page. To create a great first impression, this page must be the best looking and most informative about your product

Creative Elements and Interactive Consumer Experience

Images surely play a key role in creating an impact, but that is surely not the only way it can be done. A development company can create a similar impact by using graphics and interactive components. These play an attention-grabbing role and cause the consumer to pay attention to the other aspects of the website. If you are a curious consumer, you will enjoy the interactive elements on the site. Creating these good-looking and visibly different elements requires a lot of involvement. These elements aim to make you spend more time exploring the website while keeping you thoroughly involved.

Aesthetically Practical Aspects

These only form the aesthetic part of the website, but there is much more to consider, such as the practicality of the website. A good-looking website design but with inconvenient navigation structure and aesthetics is sure to fail. For your website to succeed, it should be consistent and practical, having a clearly defined layout. The absence of these could drive the consumer away. You must ensure that:

  • The colours and fonts are streamlined and suitable for the product
  • The background must help the logo colours stand out
  • The menus should be clear and well-defined
  • The theme must hold good for all the pages
  • Whitespace should be used well to make your website look roomier and not cluttered.
  • The colour, type and size of the fonts used must be appealing and ensure readability

Business-Related Practical Aspects

  • CTA Buttons –These are the buttons that hold up the responsibility to make the consumer respond by carrying out a favourable action. Therefore, they must be clearly visible and be able to command attention.
  • Navigation – How you guide your consumers through the website is an art. The practicality and clarity of the menus play the most important role here. These can be presented in various available styles. It is important to choose what is likely to improve the user experience.
  • Loading Time –A website that takes more than 3 seconds to load is rejected outright by the customers. Hence, it is imperative that you do not overload it with clutter. If someone cannot wait 3 seconds for a website, he is not likely to spend time on any website unless it is known to him.
  • Compatibility with Various Devices –If your website is designed on a PC or a laptop, there is a chance that you have not tested it for a mobile device. Ensure that the website design it to work on all devices, else you could need to develop several versions of the same.

Only a website that conforms to the aesthetic and practical aspects will be the one that can grab and retain attention and lead you to success.

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