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Effective Techniques to Develop a Front-End Web Page

The most important part of any web page is its front page according to w3.org. Front or home page tells the whole story of the entire website in a nutshell. Hence, it has to be very informative and attractive having all the striking features of the website in a single page. Web page developers use different effective technologies to make the web page more interesting and attractive.

As a webpage showcases the nature and quality of any business to the entire world it has to maintain great designing standard and quality. Some of the effective techniques used by the developers to make it really effective are stated below:

Image: The images used by any freelance front-end web developer to design the front page are no more back-dated and traditional. Now, the images are designed and created in such a way that they narrate the entire motto and goal of the web page at a single glance. Using catchy and vibrant pictures web designers instantly grab the attention of the viewers and fascinates them. As soon as the webpage loads in the browser the images welcome the visitors and give them a clear idea about the web site. Images are found to be highly effective in keeping the visitors attention on the site for a very long duration.


Microsoft FrontPage 2002: It is the most effective and powerful tool that is extensively used by the web page developers nowadays to make their site interesting. Microsoft front page 2002 comes with a unique collection of themes consisting of outstanding and out of the box images.

The wide varieties of themes available in Microsoft frontage 2002 matches with the goals and messages of almost all kinds of websites. Hence, it makes the work of web page designer a lot easier. Truly speaking, it is the perfect solution for a small business.

Bar Graphics Effect: This is a very useful technique to organize the front page. Using bar graphics effect any designer can instantly organize all the components of the front page making it more alluring and gripping. In this technique all the striking elements of the page get loaded in the front page first.

Just after visiting the site, the visitors directly get a firsthand experience of the best contents of the entire website. With the help of this effective tool web page designers put the most important features of the web site in the front tags and important contents in the front page using bar graphics. These techniques are found to be very useful in mobile application as the users get a view of the entire page from a simple bar graphics application.

Ajax: It is the most demanding technology for web designing presently. Earlier visitors used to get frustrated as the web page get refreshed every time with every click in the same page. With launch of Ajax technology users can check out various features in the same page without refreshing the entire page. This greatly helps in the user's interactivity with the web site. Most of the web front page use Ajax as all the unique features of the web page are designed in the home page and the users can very conveniently check out all the features in the single page without refreshing the entire page even for a single time.

JavaScript: This is another technology that can bring new dimension to web page designing. Every web page developer is going for JavaScript for its unique functionalists. JavaScript allows the code to run on client's machine and the server simply loads the interface to the user.

As a result the page will get loaded quickly to the user's browser. Another important feature is that it saves a lot of band width. Since, the code does not have to be on the server machine it loads the page faster and also saves a lot of valuable user's bandwidth. Thus, JavaScript is surely a revolution in the field of webpage designing.

Slider: It is another technology that is used to design the front page exclusively. If a web site has a story to tell in most innovative way then slider can serve this purpose effectively. In the lending home page small slides get loaded with very short messages or content in very simple English or in any other language.

Users need to click the next option to see what contents are there on the other slide. But there is debate on its effectiveness. According to some web page designers these sliders sometimes slow down the browsing.


Responsive web design: It is the most blasting technology in the present digital world. Most of the websites are adopting responsive web design technology. This is because the webpage gets loaded in any form of device correctly. Now, millions of internet users do not hit their computer to browse the internet. Google dedicated a page describing it’s importance.

Rather they go for mobile browsing and this has become possible only because of responsive web design. With responsive web design the web page gets compatible with any device like tablets, smart phones etc. The users addicted to mobile find this technique very interactive and helpful.

Well, from SEO prospective responsive web design is the most wonderful technology at present time. Now, web page owners don't have to launch two different SEO operations for desktop or mobile browsers for the same web site. Now only one SEO for one web site is sufficient.

These technologies are the boon for the present web world. With the help of these essential technologies web pages have got huge success to attract more visitors and increase business simultaneously. Web sites without these effective and smart technologies can never reach to its target audience for sure.

Front page is the most essential part of any web site and absence of advanced technologies can simply spoil the main goal to bind the visitors. Let it be on a laptop or on a mobile the home page has to load very quickly with all vital information in the right format. And these technologies ensure that the WebPages are designed in most attractive way and get loaded in a fraction of second.

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