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Debunking the most common Web Design Myths

Presently, internet is seen as a great source of information as you can depend on it to find any answer coming to your mind. In fact there are myriad people out there who blindly believe whatever they see and read on the Internet. And that's owing to the reason that we think if everyone else is doing it, then it got to be right.


However, do you think it's wise to believe everything that you read on the Internet for real? Often it happens that we follow each other's leads and this way leaders turn into trendsetters. When an attempt is made to describe the trends, that speculation is perceived as a fact. Now, just because they mostly made a good argument, we end up believing that what they tell is true. Hence a myth is born.

Now here we have attempted to debunk the several Web Design Myths so you can find out what actually works best for you on your website:

  1. Your CTA Needs to Stay Above the Fold

Well, most people created all of their calls to action firmly above the fold, by cutting content, cropping images or whatever required in order to make it work. This was owing to the fact that we believed this myth. However, this is where I went wrong. As per the case study conducted by Content Verve, a below the fold CTA surpassed an above the fold by 304%. However, that doesn't require you to put your CTAs below the fold, as you simply need to break away from the idea that it is a requirement.

The myth came up with the idea that prospects are not going to scroll down for an offer. Like if your content is worth a read, then people are bound to click the read more link, so why to presume that they are not going to scroll down for an offer. Just offer them something desired by them and they will certainly scroll down for it.

  1. Looks is the Most Important Aspect of Design

It's often that we come across websites with striking homepages; however there is literally nothing on the site. Now keep in mind that a visually alluring site can help you in keeping people on your website, however if it offers nothing other than good-looks, then it will surely not be effective for your business.

  1. The Homepage Matters the Most

The visitors only land on the website's homepage when they directly go to a website. But if that's not the case then users will never see your homepage. Thus, it's not advised to put all the design emphasis on just the homepage as that will be a waste of time. You should rather have a reliable design all through your website as that's more significant than having an outstanding homepage, as it's really not the only part of the site that needs to be well designed.

  1. Your Website is a Sales Tool

Well, your website is certainly a sales tool; however that doesn't mean you should design the site around the sale. With sales-focused design, we signal towards website with huge buttons or graphics seeming to beg visitors to click them in order to contact instantly. However, that's a rare case when people land on your website to make instance purchase. Thus, just by creating a sales focused experience, you won't inspire return visits. In that regard all you need is an easy to navigate website that offers value to the visitors.

  1. More Widgets Make a Better Site

Often it happens that a new feature that appears "cool" garner all the eyeballs, however, just doesn't catch on, for instance QR codes. Few years ago it happened that companies started putting QR codes directing back to their websites on everything - even their websites. Now the idea of attracting people to your mobile site is amazing, however, if someone is already on your website, then you expect them to scan your QR code in order to go to the mobile version, which must have some added value.

Thus, adding widgets that drive visitors to your social media sites is wonderful, but it's not advised to direct them to the platforms which you're not using.

Obviously, it's hard to break habits even though we know they are based on myth. However, as you conduct your own A/B testing, you can find if these web design myths work in your favor or not. Accordingly, you can take your call.

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