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Creating a Website: DIY or Custom Made?

When you think of launching your own website, blog or online store with further web promotion, the first idea is hiring a web design studio or a freelance specialist. If such thoughts are familiar to you, here is a piece of advice I can give you: forget about that. You can create a great website with unique design and useful features yourself.

Well, you are not limited by this option only and you can always hire professionals to create a website for you. However, is it really worth that? Isn’t it reasonable to invest thousands of dollars (this is an average cost of an online store) in further promotion or product? If you feel that this option is better, but you can’t create appealing websites yourself, don’t worry about that! Web design pros have already taken care of this problem. Let’s consider all the pros and cons of web studios and DIY website building.

A Web Studio vs DIY Web Design: Which Option Works Better?

The answer to this question depends upon versatile factors. One of the major aspects is reliability. When you explore the review section of any web design studio website, you will hardly find negative comments there. That’s quite understandable, because posting negative reviews is not beneficial for a company. There may be real clients, who liked the job, but no one will post reviews about the mistakes, problems and other possible faults at the corporate website.

Apart from that, the web abounds in scammers and amateurs nowadays. They can charge several thousands dollars for their services, but their actual job will be limited to downloading templates, uploading them to the hosting and presenting the “readymade” result. Do you really need such work, if you can handle everything on your own?

There are 3 variants, which make it possible to create a great blog, a corporate website, an online store or any other website in less than a few hours. These variants offer myriads of quality templates, which can be customized and edited with regard to your needs.

I’m a Professional (WordPress)

You are going to become a web designer to execute your clients’ orders. What you need is to find a trusted platform, where you will be able to practice a bit, exploring the templates, codes, graphics etc.

Your choice is the readymade CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. The most popular and simple variant is WordPress. The fact that it is simple does not mean that it lacks functionality. It is used to create blogs, online stores and landing pages. The system comes with a rich variety of quality templates and makes it possible to work with MySQL (databases), PHP, domain and hosting. Thus, it has the complete set of functions and features required to launch an appealing and quality website.
Wordpress Editor
Actually, CMS is nothing more than convenient content management that implies the integration of lots of modules, such as products, charts, tests, buttons etc. If you are not familiar with similar systems and have sufficient computer skills, this variant is your number one choice. Mastering it will take around one or two weeks.

I’m a Newbie (uKit)

Not all the users are tech pros, but this is only a matter of time. However, if you lack technical knowledge and skills, CMS is not the best option for you. Actually, you don’t need these systems at all, because a newbie has a perfect tool, namely a website builder.

Using a website builder is a simple and affordable way to create a great website. Let’s take uKit, for example. You won’t be able to launch powerful and complicated projects with it, because the system has functionality restrictions. However, lots of websites are still built with website builders. What’s more, uKit comes with extra widgets, like reviews, buttons, timers etc. To create such elements from scratch, you would pay a notable sum of money to a hired freelancer. uKt allows doing that for free.
uKit Editor
Websites created with a website builder are perfectly indexed by the search engines. This means that your clients will find you without any problems. Such systems are a great choice for promo websites. If you offer refrigerator repair services, for example, create a readymade solution by adding the pages with reviews, photos, contacts and wait for the potential clients (don’t forget about the promotion, though).

I’m a Non-Pro (Wix)

Wix is considered the world-popular web building cloud service. The highlight of the platform is the selection of gorgeous templates, which stand out from the crowd in the niche. The dashboard of the system comes with appealing design, but it is a bit complicated than that in uKit. The functionality of the website builder with the visual editor is powerful. Much attention is given to design customization, graphics and effects.

Wix works perfect when it comes to building promo websites and landing pages with bright and remarkable design. This involves personal and corporate websites, portfolios etc. The system has the incorporated app store, which notably expands the default functionality realized through the system of widgets.
Wix Editor
Each block can be flexibly customized. This results in the possibility to create responsive websites, just like in uKit. You can use hot buttons to gain quick access to separate editing options.

Wix is user-friendly, but it takes some time to be explored and mastered. This is not because of the complicated structure of the dashboard, but because of the extensive choice of widgets and versatile settings. The number of design combinations and functional features of websites is almost unlimited at Wix.

Wix is an ideal choice for designers, artists, musicians, stylists and other representatives of creative professions. It also allows building stunning business websites. What matters most here is that the result you’ve got in the system will help you stand out from the crowd and withstand the niche competition. This platform ideally suits people, who like to solve different tasks using creative approach. Generally, Wix appeals to everyone, who has ever seen it. No wonder, it remains the leader in the niche.

Bottom Line

Whatever position you occupy and whatever method you choose, this is still the best option for you. It ensures the freedom of creative realization of your ideas. The fact is that it is impossible to make a freelancer think as you do. Regardless of the task you set and the corrections you make, he/she will still solve the problem in his/her own way.

Take your time to create your own website. This is a reasonable solution for your business and a nice practice for your computer and web design skills. You may not even suspect that you have a web design talent and it is quite possible that you will eventually join the web design and programming niche.

If you have any questions, please ask below!