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Choosing the Best Website Builder for Real Estate

As a real estate agent, you probably wish your business to be a success. There are different ways to achieve this goal, but creating a business website that will represent and promote your agency on the web is the most powerful tool you can go for these days. It does not really matter whether you specialize at selling and buying residential or commercial property or just act as a brokerage service, connecting the sellers and buyers, a high quality real estate site will offer unlimited opportunities for your business advancement. How exactly can you benefit from making a professional website meet your goals and needs?

With an attention-grabbing and content rich resource, you will avail a range of choices and opportunities, including:

  • Attracting the attention of customers long before they actually visit the building
  • Making your clients and business partners aware of all the news and changes that are observed in your company
  • Building a great reputation
  • Representing the level of professionalism and quality of services provided
  • Generating new real estate leads
  • Expanding the client base on a regular basis
  • Implementing diverse marketing and event management tools to increase the amount of deals and more.

The list of benefits you can avail when developing a real estate website of your own is not limited to those mentioned above. These are only a few advantages that should not be overlooked. The complete potential of a site can be understood only when you already have the resource up and running.

What Are the Options?

Now that you are aware of some of the advantages your business can benefit from when having a website, it is high time for you to find out more about the most popular and easy-to-use ways of building a site. Actually, there are two basic ways you can go for when launching a business website. You can either contact a professional web designer or use the DIY site builder to handle the task on your own. The choice will depend upon your skills, knowledge, business goals, budget etc. While dealing with a web developer is a more costly, time taking and tiresome endeavor, creating a website using special software is a more convenient and, thus, reasonable option. The best website builders you can find on the web these days generally come with drag and drop functions, intuitive interfaces and a set of pre-designed real estate templates you just have to choose from. Let us have a look at some of the most popular and recommended options below.

Best Real Estate Website Builders: What Are They?



uKit is a modern website builder created specifically for small business owners, including real estate agencies. The platform provides a variety of tools to create a high-quality and mobile-friendly website and successfully promote a business on the Internet. Professional templates have a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate layout, themed image galleries and widgets, which, in combination with the drag-and-drop interface, makes it really simple to customize a website in several clicks. With the help of the integrated contact tools, such as a live chat, a contact form, a social media widget, customers will be able to reach you in the most convenient way, and the built-in SEO and analytics tools will facilitate website promotion on search engines and let you track the statistics. uKit also offers a number of image widgets to showcase real estate objects in the best way accross all devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Affordable prices and a free trial period with full access to the functionality make the website builder one of the upmost solutions in the market.



For real estate agents, who wish to represent their businesses on the Internet, Wix is one of the best choices, which ensures the high level of customer satisfaction, ultimate website functionality, a range of options, customization flexibility and other beneficial features. It comes with excellent themes that can suit any real estate business needs, several packages, in-built SEO options, incorporated blogging, integrated App Market features, superb templates and fonts, versatile backgrounds, convenient drag-and-drop editing features, a live chat option and even automated optimization for mobile devices. The software also offers versatile content elements, which will represent your business info in the most favorable way. These include tag clouds, post galleries, video and audio options that won't leave your clients and business partners indifferent.



Weebly is quite easy to use even for people, who have little or no knowledge and experience in website building. Just like Wix and other site builders we will talk about further, Weebly comes with convenient drag-and-drop editing options, a set of real estate templates, backgrounds, fonts, themes, layouts, color schemes and other features a site is unthinkable without. It also makes it possible to launch a mobile version of the site, which is a real benefit today, when the number of people using mobile devices on the go keeps increasing rapidly. Apart from that, it is possible to use the free version of the product to test its features. For those real estate owners looking for a whole set of features and benefits provided by the software, Weebly offers other plans and packages.



Squarespace is one of the top personalized site solutions for online businesses. Real estate business is not an exception, of course, so you can opt for this option without any doubts if you are a real estate agent willing to promote your company on the web in the most effective and hassle-free way. The software is packed with superb features, including contemporary templates, intuitive interface, drag-and-drop editor, a large amount of content blocks to choose from, blogging options, iOS and Android apps, special e-commerce features and more. Unlike other website builders that include automated image cropping, Squarespace offers each user a chance to crop the photos on their own to ensure maximum quality of images. It is also possible to choose between several packages depending upon the needs of clients.



Shopify was specially created for the owners of small businesses, who aim at promoting their companies on the web. The software provides a trial period (14 days) to check the functions the software offers, although, there are no free plans clients may go for. Shopify comes with an informative guide and recommendations for the newbies, which is a benefit in itself. The software makes it possible to create websites with a few clicks of a mouse only by using a comfy drag-and-drop function. Template designs can be either created individually or chosen from the gallery. The site builder also has the app market, user-friendly interface and a range of personalized business solutions both for large and small businesses.


Choosing the best website builder may seem a "mission impossible" to users, who have never used any of these tools before. At the same time, each of the above mentioned site builders are so easy-to-use that it is simple enough to handle any projects with them. For people who lack experience and knowledge, they offer detailed instructions and guidelines on how to get the most out of the site building process. The range of features and options they offer is quite rich and makes it possible to choose the tool with regard to your needs and requirements. So, take your time to try each of them before selecting the one, which will help you increase the efficacy and profits of your real estate business.

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