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CakePHP, Zend, Codeigniter… What's your pick?

PHP is the name of the concept and more specifically a phenomenon that serves world with amazing web development technology. Big ideas reap big expectations. The platform offered by PHP to the world is free and open to all. Well, this made users desire for more. As a result, various frameworks like Zend, Codeigniter, Symphony and CakePHP came into being with different arrangements to cater PHP coding in different utility model and service package.

Well, having many options for development is always nice but the thing that troubles all of us is making the choice between application frameworks to get best of benefits in terms of cost and time. Moreover, we all need to get the value out of every penny spent and want to see it justifying every bit of effort that we have garnered for our specific project development needs.

Well, we have been discussing long over which framework to be preferred over the others. This has been fairly attended by experts from different development backgrounds, from time to time, and has been addressed by them quite comprehensively.

A technology forum is the venue. A question asked to the community members on the viability of frameworks and which criteria they will choose to select their framework, in general.

The 70% of users said, it would be certainly the availability. 20% said the cost of development. Rest 10 percent were more concerned about functional issues.

The term availability actually has two meanings here; one is popularity and other one is familiarity with the framework. If these two things are there, then there should be developers available for the framework easily and hence it will automatically bring down the cost as well. So, according to the comments and reactions from the forum users, the 90% of them wanted to have something easy to them and their pockets. As a result of this the popularity votes were conducted among the leading frameworks like Zend, CakePHP, Symphony, YII and Codeigniter and CakePHP got the highest results followed by Zend with a close margin.

When the security and service issues were raised, the answers looked quite unfocused. Some preferred Zend for security that it offers along with the backup options it offers. People from USA preferred the CakePHP application development owing to Cake's transparent security policies and the expansive security features it has to offer for different development needs.

Also, many people are perplexed about what is right and has the opinion that "most of them are equally as popular as they are obscure".

The third point that covers ease and scalability factors was totally ruled by Codeigniter and CakePHP. One of the experts said "It is always the simplicity that matters in the end. Having being worked with MVC-based PHP application frameworks for more than 8 years I have learnt a lot about these factors. CakePHP requires less coding and save a lot of efforts. Codeigniter is lightweight and delivers prompt results. Both of these frameworks offer great scalability options for different web development needs." This clearly means that both the frameworks address the inclusive factors of effortlessness and flexibility quite convincingly over other development frameworks in question.

Considering every point from this open discussion, it can be easily found that people look for something that gives them the authority to feel free and assured in terms of availability, cost and security. In this whole act of assessment, CakePHP appears to have gathered more supporters, who would prefer it over other frameworks on an inclusive scale - for the range of easy tools and programming authority it offers. Also, it seems that the ever-dominating cost factor that CakePHP commands so well makes it highly perennial and desirable to the fraternity.

Saurabh Sharma is a web analyst and Cakephp developer, for a leading web design company offering custom CMS development and offshore solutions at affordable prices.

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