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Bootstrap Framework in Web Design: Popular Than Ever

Bootstrap Framework

What are Bootstrap themes?

Bootstrap templates are web design mock-ups built to demonstrate the final look and feel of a website powered by Bootstrap framework. More and more resources on the Internet are built using this popular technology. And, obviously, there is a reason to why bootstrap themes have become so widespread. Not only using this framework is convenient for web developers, but also these layouts have a neat, yet beautiful appearance.

What is Bootstrap framework?

Since it’s already Bootstrap 4.0 era, you must have surely heard something about this framework once or twice. So, what do we actually know about Bootstrap technology? The history has it that Bootstrap has been developed by Twitter as an HTML5 and CSS3 framework. Bootstrap got named for the principle of its work – it kind of straps the parts of a web layout together. On the visual side, you just pleasantly scroll a web page down to reach the place you’re looking for and enjoy the seamless functionality.

Bootstrap Framework

Are Bootstrap website layouts responsive?

Most importantly, Bootstrap is a guarantee of responsive design, because sites based on Bootstrap layouts are flawlessly rendered on all modern gadgets and desktop computers. Thanks to CSS media queries, Bootstrap framework effectively scales web pages to fit various display resolutions – from mobile phones and tablets to bigger screens. Another benefit of using themes with this framework is a variety of pre-made layouts that are easy to customize exactly the way you want to.

What functionality do ready-made Bootstrap templates offer?

Premium Bootstrap themes offer both native Bootstrap functionality and a number of add-ons created specifically for clients’ needs. This includes such features as Parallax effect, dropdown menus, Google maps, Google web fonts and more. In addition, all of the Bootstrap-based website layouts are absolutely search engine friendly, so they can be easily optimized for popular search engines.

Bootstrap Framework

Positively, Bootstrap framework is here to stay due to its vast selection of features and a number of top-notch design solutions it has to offer.

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