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Best Web Design Styles – 9 Picks!

Web designing styles play a crucial role in helping the brands send across their message to their customers, readers as well as the users. The most important decision vests with the website owners who are required to encourage the best pick when it comes to choosing a style that matches the brand they are specifically designing for. However, it should also be kept in mind that there is not just one reason that suggests why you should consider sticking to one website design style forever. You can let the multiple designs merge together without letting the final output sound awkward.

Let’s have a look at some of the most creative web designs and styles that are in use today and why they deserve to have a place in your website.



These can bring any monotonous web design to life all again. Since drawing spills the beans of creativity, it also opens up scopes for brand representation through a particular theme. It can be seen as one of the most innovative methods of information presentation in the world of web. Variety in this form of web design is limited to the imagination of the designer who has got all the liberty in the world to make the best use of it.



In this form of web design, the text is placed well above the images which encourages better viewing of the text and certainly grabs eyeballs. However, designers need to be careful with the amalgamation of the colors. Most of the websites today are increasingly getting inclined to this form of web design. A lot of websites do rely on this form of web design heavily.


Gorgeous Typography

Good typography ensures that the text is more interestingly read. It can also be highly inspiring and represents art in its core form. It is one of the most creative ways for displaying the contents online. For more information on Typography, you need to visit- Smashingmagazine.


Textures/ Patterns

This would rather help in adding a lot of depth to any web design. Use of this style can be suggested with the help of patterns on the background as either a background image or some repeated image. You can see tons of similar templates on Motocms 3.0 templates section.



This is one of the styles that are very much trending in the website designing world of today. It may look a bit messy and untidy but it will never look less appealing provided it has been matched with the right kind of patterns and colour schemes. For certain brands that can’t do without the feel that it particularly offers, this style has a special place and scope. Check out for more Grunge Web Design Examples in this link.


Including nature and green in web design has always been a great attempt and much encouraged. It not only evokes the feeling of a down to earth design but it also offers an organic feel which is very well appreciated. Nature can be used with great effect in the web designing.



It can be suggested as one of the recent trends in web designs. It is usually a web design for a brand that is involved with the sale of products that basically originated from the 1920s and anywhere before the 1970s. Here the interpretations play a major role and creativity does the job of connecting with the customers well. Retro web design may sometimes require using retro fonts. Here you can find a list with the most popular retro fonts that may prove useful if you plan approaching this style.

Photo Realism

This straight away connects with the realism factor which is a big deal in establishing connection with the audiences through web design. It is one of the techniques that most are familiar with and is gradually becoming one of the popular techniques seeking its worth in the competitive web designing industry of today. They go well with the large background images. It should be added that when used with realism and conviction, they can prove to be one of the most powerful assets of your web designing page. Content on the page are complemented well with this particular pattern. They look absolutely stunning.

Two Tone Colour

Use of two colours for creation of a phenomenal web design does not sound like a very interesting deal. They don’t also look quite inspiring until you have seen them well in use. If used properly, it can prove to be quite more inspiring. It allows comparatively more focus on the various other aspects of the web design which includes layout and typography. It also ensures that the focus on the content is more, something that is there to increase with time.

Take a look at what sounds the most convincing to you and gear up for the most ravishing web designing theme on your page. Web designing is the future and in order to get the best conversions and traffic happen on your page, you need to understand what connects with your class of audience well. Little or more research can give you a fair idea on the same and also analyzing the requirements of your industry makes sense, before you are finally up for adopting a web designing theme.

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