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Best 10 ways to design your B2B website

B2B eCommerce revenues have been expected to double this year since most of the companies have preferred to work from home.

55% of B2B buyers are on the run to complete at least half of their purchase online. Since the buyer’s preferences have changed constantly and have even adjusted to the trends that are generated by digitalization.

Thus it may not surprise you if we say that the recent facts passed by the reputed survey suggest that online sales channels as well as online customer experience will probably account for the main areas whereas B2B companies will only be able to create differentiation.

By considering these types of market opportunities one can easily make assumptions that leveraging and optimizing B2B websites heavily depends upon the effective demand generation.

Thus, to generate a seamless customer experience there are other sets of general features that decide the prime touchpoint that one should look for the B2C website.

Since individuals need to acknowledge that there are many ways to make a decision but there are some additional particularities which are shaped by the fact that who all are those set of individuals who purchase their companies.

Here are the top 10 features of your website that need to get in place to allow it to work effectively even at times when they wish to meet the rising customer expectations too.

1. Customer-centric website

  • Customer experience is regarded to be the main focus of online business particularly this year which has got stuck due to the pandemic.
  • In online marketing where only B2B websites can create experiences around themselves and customers, one can easily wonder that customer experience has become the major basis of differentiation.

So why has it become customer-centric?

  • Firstly, a web developer needs to have a two-fold understanding because he needs to understand the main purpose behind launching a website and also in comprehending who their actual customers are.
  • Thus it is of utmost importance for a web developer to build the website, in the narrative of content and technical perspective.
  • With the aid of ideal personas and client profiles in mind, it has become necessary for the customers to experience the mapping of their customer journey from discovery to the way through exploration, consideration, trial, engagement as well as growth.
  • One can easily gain an understanding of the needs and pain points that allow customers to experience during each state and then leverage stage by the website.

2. Self-service of B2B functionalities.

  • One of the major reports of Gartner has predicted that by 2020, customers will self manage 85% of their relationships with the company.
  • As it was known before that cold calling has become obsolete and even reordering over the phone with sales may not able to provide you with any justice.
  • Since digital transformation is the very idea that is ingrained into every business area and buyers’ expectations do shift well according to it too.
  • The self-service portals and apps have addressed this new need by allowing them to follow their terms and orders.

3. It possesses a seamless and easy connection to the sales team.

  • Though many companies have found various alternative solutions some companies do think of chatbot pop-ups that are usually used
  • Most of the companies do think about chatbot pop-ups as a smart move though they seem invasive.
  • If a digital marketer wants to avoid these pop-ups that generally come to display just after the web session starts immediately after a web session starts then they do need to create a website in a way that it engages the viewers as well as convert actual leads too. Thus there are many modern B2B digital marketing tools that one should preferably look into while creating any B2C website.

4. Understand Customers’ language

  • There are times when you don’t know from which particular region the organic traffic comes. In simpler words, you may not know whether the visitors coming on your website hail from your motherland only, or whether they come from European subcontinent.
  • Thus keeping the tool of translation is highly important for any web developer because it can convert your website content into the native language of the customer and in the field of digital marketing, localization is a very much desirable effort to allow the website rank high on Google.
  • Moreover, it is capable of translating the capabilities of products into the desired outcomes.

5. Create genuine Landing pages

  • Unlike the normal website pages that cite multiple goals, the major purpose of the landing page is to create conversion while constituting an important part of any marketing campaign.
  • While 68% of the B2B business prefers the use of landing pages to acquire leads it can be easily said that they are designed particularly for campaign-specific businesses which include only one link which is measured to be a call to action for the purpose.
  • These types of conversions are enough to generate the range from signup as well as a registration form to the purchase.
  • Landing pages help you in acquiring new leads and in fact, are considered as the gated door of the content which can be exchanged for the premium resources and it includes webinars, eBooks, as well as whitepapers too. It lets the interested visitors fill out the form like providence of information like names, email addresses as well as the company too.

6. Why are Calls-to-actions important?

  • Calls-to-action (CTAs) are considered as an essential component because it generates leads for many companies and it works seamlessly on an inbound strategy too.
  • The main purpose of the calls to action strategy is to drive conversions.
  • Since effective calls-to-action do result in prospects to proactively make the desired action.
  • If one is considering the conversion goal then webinar registration does require different messaging than a trial download
  • Thus designing compelling CTAs does require an ongoing improvement process in the terms of message copy, and design on the page. Thus A/B testing is much more required.
  1. Flexible ordering

It is found that purchasing patterns of B2B buyers are different from B2C buyers. One can ensure that the eCommerce platform does support these sorts of features.

  • Bulk ordering and discounts – Many a time, B2B customers do order goods in large quantities, so it is necessary for them to simplify this hectic process by following the routine task by optimizing the checkout process through built-in functionalities:

One can consider the possibility of dynamic pricing that includes a change in the real-time which is according to the certain time specified by the buyer. Thus volume discounts and total order discounts are based on the quantity and the amount ordered.

  • One-click reordering – Since reordering is a repetitive task thus one is needed to enable the one-click feature of the customers’ previous order information which is forwarded to their next purchase.

8. Add Educational content

  • It has been found out that nearly two-thirds of B2B buyers rely upon information content and it works as the notable differentiator for developers to win vendors. It allows one to study the impact of educational content on customers and it has been revealed that nearly 131% of the visitors do like to buy the brand that contains content.
  • Thus the educational content market has ranked second on the list and is fully used by B2B marketers to nurture their audience with the help of budgets that are allocated for content creation.
  • Thus investing in resources that educate people like blog posts, ebooks, webinars, infographics, and whitepapers is considered to be essential.

9. Testimonials

  • For B2B buyers, testimonials are the most valued content format. Because they can actively advocate the solution to buyers and showcase the effectiveness of products and services that a web developer wants to sell.
  • Customer-oriented testimonials like video testimonials are preferred because they allow the prospect to understand the solution and help in adding the layers of credibility and trustworthiness to the brand.

10. Pricing pages

  • B2B pricing models work effectively but only when the pricing of the products is mentioned on the website and not just leads.
  • Thus, a separate pricing page must be made and therefore a web developer should provide the right type of pricing options. Many factors can influence the plan that one offers to sell.


In the end, it can be concluded that optimization of B2B website’s landing pages happens when the developer has embedded the options like CTAs (Call to Actions), video testimonials, educational content and many more set of things that will keep the viewer engaged to the website only then the actual leads can be converted easily.

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