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Believing These 10 Myths About PHP Keeps You From Growing

dededwdAt present, you cannot deny the importance of PHP in web development segments. Generally defined as a well-used open source scripting language, PHP is mostly suitable for web development. It can even be embedded into HTML, whenever the right time comes. However, there are some points, which are unfortunately putting PHP into back seat of web development ride. And that calls for the 10 super strong myths, which are going against PHP and preventing in its growth. Once you are through with the myths, you can easily judge the importance of PHP yourself.

  1. Hard to read:

Some people believe that PHP is an easy template language, used for designing some of the basic programming functions to website. But, after incorporating HTML with it, the programming logic becomes hard and it is quite hard to read. Not just HTML, but sometimes Java is also used for accentuating the value of your programming logic. But, that does not make the language difficult at all. That makes it more rich, and effective for addressing maximum customers.

  1. Not feasible for best performance:

Even some people have a misconception that PHP is not that feasible when it comes to high performing websites or apps. But, if you check out Facebook, you will get your answer, right away. It is based entirely on PHP, and still now, did not face a single glitch on its functionality. It even offers great speed to the users.

  1. Zend is not the only one:

Another big misconception, which people possess is that Zend is the only company with all the rights of PHP development but that is actually not true. there are multiple developers, who have given their dedicated time and energy for the growth of PHP language, and the core developers are not even part of the Zend community.

  1. PHP developers are not qualified:

Now, how said that PHP developers are not qualified? They are and that help them to create a perfect dedicated programming language for the entire community. People have a misconception that as PHP developers are not qualified, therefore; they are likely to present them with cheaper result. But, this is far from the truth.

  1. Not an object oriented program:

Thanks to its amazing incredible applications, PHP is not booming with popularity. From Magento to Joomla, WordPress to even Drupal, you have multiple options to name it. And among all these available options, WordPress is a leading name to deal with. Therefore, this is clearly proven that PHP is definitely an object oriented programming language.

  1. Worse than other frameworks:

Some die-hard fans of Python Django, ROR and Z Framework might clearly state that PHP is far worse than these options. But, it is actually not true. And you have to use it to believe it. You cannot just compare any language with nothing but framework on it. On the other hand, PHP is here to present you with various extensions along with some perfect features. And it solely depends on personal choices of developers.

  1. Easy to hijack:

Now, this seems to be absurd myth about PHP, which you need to work on. It cannot be easily hijacked with the global variables. When it comes to security, PHP is far safe than any other programming languages. Some features are used to make the programs simple, but that comes under good and tight security measures, as well. So, security breach is never an option.

  1. Vehicle for Zend:

Now, this is more like the third point. Some think that PHP is used by Zend for grabbing some new business deals, but that is not the case. As it has already been mentioned, Zend is not the one which own PHP. Therefore, it is not that business mechanism for this company to gain more customers.

  1. Does not scale well:

Now, this misconception is not that new, and has been for long. Some claim that PHP is not able to scale well. But, if you go through some of the popular sites, which are running on this programming language, then you have no other option, but to change your thought.

  1. Only good for web application:

Whoever said that PHP is only meant for application does not have the slightest clue regarding this programming language. It now comprises of finest GUI toolkit along with command line interface. It further comprises of some other impeccable features, which will help you to write in a feasible manner.

Get help with the experts:

Always try to look for the experts, ready to offer you with complete help on the PHP usage. They will be able to define you the PHP myths in details, and if anything else persists, other than the above-mentioned points. They will even be able to inform you about the finest tactics, which are currently available around here. If you want to know more about the right packages, make sure to get in touch with experts, for immediate help.

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