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Adding Polls to WordPress Sites Encourages Interaction

check-boxContent is one of the most important factors of a website. It makes the website engaging and it is the only way to bring more traffic to it. But sometimes content isn’t just enough to keep your readers or visitors interested. Now days content management systems like WordPress allow installation of certain plug-ins on your website that help in keeping your visitors engaged. One such popular plug-in category is the user polls.

Polls are very effective in keeping your visitors engaged. If you are running a news site for example, or any magazine type blog, adding a poll can help bring interest in your visitors. Everyone reading your website wants to share their opinion with the world, while the comment section is great for letting people speak their mind, a lot of individuals hesitate leaving their comments. This is because directly commenting can often leave the exposed to other people's opinion and many don't like arguing or expressing their opinions publicly.

Polls on the other hand encourage interaction in users because the votes cast is anonymous. No user names are revealed to the public, only a percentage is shown. Polls are a great way to keep your community busy.

It sparks interest in people as soon as they see that they have a chance to say their opinion without actually writing a comment or saying anything. The user simply selects one of the poll options and the results are displayed, letting them know how many others think alike them.

Polls, however, have more function outside interaction. Several businesses, especially magazines and news sites use polls to understand what their user's desire. Some websites will occasionally pull up polls asking users about what improvements they would like to see on the website. Sometimes polls even let businesses ask users on what to improve on their product. This gives businesses a free survey tool that can instantly know what their users are demanding.

With content management systems like WordPress, installing polls on your website has become as easy as just clicking away a few options. WordPress has a database of several plug-ins which lets you know which kind of poll plug-in suits best for your website. There are polls with unique graphics and statistic options that give you complete control, and then there are also polls that let you know what your users are interacting with the most.

These polls come with extra stat recording tools that record the behavior of your visitors. With these tools, you can find out what your readers are reading most and what sparks their interest. When you find out that a lot of readers are reading a specific topic a lot on a daily basis, you can easily create a poll based on that reading material to instantly grab the attention of your readers. This will spark a lot of interest in readers and they will likely spend more time interacting and visiting your website.

So for any business, using polls not only spark interest among users, but also helps you in understanding their needs and wants. If you are running a business on WordPress, you should immediately consider installing a polling system on your website.

For those interested, here is a very nice list with the best polls plugins for wordpress.

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