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8 Magento Tips to Keep in Mind While Designing & Developing an E-Store

Running an online store is quite challenging and even more is the task of designing and developing the same. Choosing Magento as the platform, of course, minimizes the humongous efforts as Magento has really some impressive features that make it a favorite of online merchants across the world. However, there are some tips, which one can follow to create a fantastic online store that can maximize the chances of tasting an online success soon. A blooming online store is eye-catching and has some components that make it more functional and attractive for the visitors to engage in shopping. Of course, one needs to hire Magento Developer to get desired results. So, let us have a look at the following Magento tips.

Site Structure and Navigation

The competition has now escalated in the online business. For an online shopper, it should not be more than two or three mouse clicks to reach the desired product. If it takes longer, the impatient visitor will switch to some other store. So, it is essential to have a nice site structure and ensure easy navigation. Visitors are likely to stay longer when an online store is easily navigable and is well structured.

Cloud hosting or dedicated server

A site that loads at a blazing speed is the first choice of online users. Most online merchants are choosing cloud hosting over shared hosting for their e-commerce websites as the former is easy to manage, and increases the performance considerably. It is advisable to use either cloud hosting or a dedicated server to let the store users experience an impressive site performance. In fact, Magento 2.0 already offers an awesome enterprise cloud edition that if chosen by the developer can yield a highly scalable, reliable and performance-oriented Magento store.

Multiple payment methods

Payment processing is always crucial for the success of any online store. If an e-store rejects a preferred payment method, a shopper is likely to abandon the same quickly. To enjoy a global reach, it is good to have an e-commerce store that accepts multiple payment methods.

User-Friendly Shopping Cart

It is a good practice to add shopping cart in the Magento store, and that should be a user-friendly one! It works as a catalyst to engage visitors in shopping by giving them the flexibility to add or remove their desired products effortlessly.

Robust Security

Magento already has a robust security by its PA-DSS certification. Moreover, it is also protected by encryption and hashing. There are regular security updates for fixing any issues and keeping the Magento stores away from any possible cyber attack.

Automatic currency switch

Hire Magento Developer and incorporate an extension that can automatically switch the currency as per geographical location of the online shopper and the results will yield fruitful result with an increase in revenues.

Simplifying search

Ensuring most relevant search results to visitors is vital to ensure the success of any e-commerce store. The best way is to hire Magento developer and getting the auto-complete module incorporated in the store.

Easy Sign-up Process

Unbelievably, shoppers just hate to undergo a signing up process to purchase any product from online stores. For many, this seems unnecessary and a time-consuming affair. They sometimes abandon the cart and never return. However, one can surely eliminate the same by ensuring an easy sign-up process or by letting the shoppers do the checkout as a guest visitor or via their Facebook accounts.

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