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8 Eye-Popping Web Design Trends Set to Rule 2018

What is innovation if it does not break from the norm. Unleash the strings to discover the best tools and techniques that will define a unique website by getting acquainted with the best trends in digital web designs in 2018.

What have been the biggest web designing trends in 2018? Getting a little snobby when it comes to the latest trends is quite possible. Keeping tabs on something creative and innovative every now and then is after all fascinating. Being always on the lookout for the new designs that will take over the internet by storm is something to ponder upon.

By this mid-year, we asked some of the studio heads and leading designers to share their predictions and views on what has already set its big foot in the market and what has yet to set a remarkable mark.

Here are 8 of such design trends that are predicted to be popular this year.

  1. Illustrations

Illustration offers a myriad of advantages over the traditional photos. As compared to a conventional photo it has the added advantage of discussing more abstract concepts which are not possible to capture in a single photo. Illustrations are far more custom than the stock photos online. Photo selection is something that designers mull about in the world of digital marketing.

With illustrations, the creative process is very well brought to life by combining colours with abstract shapes. Style is inspired by the moment and the ideas that come from within. Web designs utilizing illustrations are powerful tools to convert the abstract concepts into vivid life. Illustrators are now attaining new heights. Didn’t it dominate the world of advertising until the late 60s or so?

For a vivid description of the variety of website designs that utilize illustrations here are

30 Examples of Illustration Styles in Web Design.

  1. Data Storytelling

Data representation from a 3D perspective has seen a boom in web designing this year. Storytelling through a design is largely impactful if done beautifully that is fully understandable and usable. Designers have started thinking outside the box to convert complex information to something engaging and to a variety of audience.

2018 has seen a greater number of designers using animation for storytelling through custom web designs. Keeping data and information at the heart of every design is of utmost importance. Data visualization becomes much simpler by utilizing the spheres of data science and design to convey intended information. Engaging the site visitors through the visuals and written copy is charming in its own way.

Data storytelling is a great way to connect with people of all ages.

Keynote: Data storytelling places narrative at the forefront.

  1. Animations

Animation is evergreen. They are no longer the surprises they used to be. They are now expected! Conceptual animation with a union between illustration and content utilizes everything that ranges from an animated background of parallax effect to animated hover effects to create a cohesively engaging site. We are also seeing the return of GIF designs in animation.

Animation conveys complex ideas which are appealing and informative instead of the static websites. For a deeper insight here is a brief on the best 8 types of effective animations.

Keynote: Graphic animations can be used to entertain the user when a page is loading thereby engaging them to hang around longer than usual.

  1. Broken grid layouts

Grid is yet another such mesmerizing result of the designers’ quest for more and more creativity. Asymmetrical and broken grid layouts are still going strong in 2018. They are distinctive and sometimes even the tiniest of the experiments using broken grids can lead to huge impactful changes in the website design. As said by the senior manager of content strategy at 99designs, typography is a powerful weapon, and its use on the web has broadened out this year.”

Broken grids bring more harmony and logic to a layout while being visually interesting. Broken grids are the new era designs that accentuate the traditions of remixing and collage. Broken grids are become specifically popular for creating lookbooks of clothing brands- a short and eye-catching way to create amazing depth.

Keynote: the use of unconventional layout creates a unique user experience than the conventional layouts across the internet.

  1. Page transitions

With the ever-growing creativity and competition, simply ensuring that only the main webpage looks as good as possible doesn’t work anymore. The transition between web pages when a visitor clicks another page from a given page is a new approach for some of the biggest website brands and blogs over the world as previously when the page used to go blank when the next page loads.

Allowing a seamless motion between the pages creates more engagement and browsing a continuous experience for visitors to stay a longer time than usual.

Among the plethora of complex page transition concepts, UIUX Lab has explained the best 10 Page Transition Effects Trends for Web Developer in 2018.

As can be seen in Reed.be’s website, we are expecting more and more websites to utilize the page transition approach.

Keynote: Unusual effects of page transitions fasten your product selling.

  1. Dynamic gradients

The last few decades have seen the use of subtle flat designs over the pop colours. However, gradients are making a comeback in 2018. Gradients are loud and full of full. Do not mistake them to be too over saturating with flashy components. With the right colours and layout, a less interesting image can be made intriguing with a gentle form of animation.

Keynote: If you do not have an image to work with, utilizing a simple gradient background is also a trend-on solution.

  1. Chat UI

Chat UI is progressive. It is one of the few designs that are really innovative while being interactive. With Artificial Intelligence getting better and better with every passing day in the real as well as the virtual world, the on-page chatbot is a much simpler way than actually calling someone.

Crafting a chatbot saves the visitors a lot of time as they offer immediate replies. Rather than someone losing interest on the website while they wait for replies through emails or are put on hold, chatbot provides a faster way to uplift the personality and identity of your brand.

Keynote: Even a small chat widget improves the usability of a site.

  1. Big and Bold typography

Good typography plays a vital role to establish a connection between the website and user. Isn’t the communication in a website through its text?

To optimize the readability and usability and the overall graphic balance, an optimized typography is necessary. Bad typography turns off users.

As mentioned in an article by a custom web designing Company “Main Street Media 360”, “the use of dynamic fonts keeps the visitors engaged to create dynamic parallels.”

Keynote: Almost 90% of information of a website is in written form.

These are the latest out of the box trends we have come across yet in the year 2018. What are your predictions for the year ahead that you expect to rule the internet?

If we have missed out something, please do let us know in the comment box below.

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