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7 Best PHP Frameworks for 2016

Thinking to create a website? Before you start choosing your website address and worrying about the rich and interactive site, choose the right platform your website will be set upon. Using the right framework smoothing the progress of scalability and long-lasting maintenance by conforming with development model and eventually allowing your application to grow.


To create an outstanding website quickly with the high-quality code, PHP is the best web application development framework. Due to free availability and high-performance PHP has become a preferred programming language for the web developers. It is fully secured, easy to integrate and provides high dynamic visual touch in the website. It adheres to the multiple platforms and developing the framework, thus attracting the developers across the globe.



Laravel is the framework that gives you a rich set of features such as Class Autoloading, View Composer, Unit testing and much more with an expressive and attractive syntax. It’s a free and open source having a solid developer community and can be installed on any compatible web server. Laravel makes the common task easier which are used in the majority of web projects, thereby making the development more enjoyable and fulfilling.



Symfony is first and foremost a pragmatic tool, the features of which address real-world-requirements. Symfony is a well-rounded and properly executed leading PHP web framework, aimed at building complex applications within a short time span. It is easy to install and is compatible with every database system, helping you to test, debug and document your project with its additional tools, thereby speeding up the creation and maintenance of web applications.



CakePHP is the modern framework which comes with a set of conventions and built-in feature for security, session, cookie and request handling enabling you to create faster web applications with a few clicks. It uses common design patterns like an active record, MVC with the aim of providing a structured framework that will rapidly develop robust web applications, without any loss to flexibility. It can handle every aspect of your application from starting to ending of rendering services of a web page.



YII is a high-performance PHP framework which comes with rich features for developing large-scale Web applications and APIs. It is the best choice for any sized project as it reduces your development time significantly and minimizes the typical risk factors of running services with PHP and MySQL. The Yii’s community offers a variety of free plugins and delivers error handling, logging, and testing.



Codeigniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built to create full-featured web applications and dynamic websites with PHP. It provides you an extensive set of libraries for developing projects much faster than you could. Codeigniter lets you focus on your project by providing you a simple and elegant toolkit where developers can configure broad varieties of product, gateway system and can rapidly develop their web apps and websites.



Zend framework is an object-oriented and corporate friendly web application framework which is focused on building more secure and reliable Web 2.0 applications & web services. It is often called a ‘component library’ as it has many loosely coupled components that you can use more or less independently. Zend framework provides a standardized way of doing things, so if you are new to a project, you can easily jump in without having to learn a whole new architecture.6

Fuel PHP


Fuel PHP is simple, flexible and most secure web application framework as it prevents XSS attacks. The community-driven approach makes it an extensible framework where almost every class in its core package can be extended without touching any code. Fuel PHP provides long term support and is quite popular in corporate development environments, where it is used for business applications.


These PHP frameworks will make your web development process easy and fast. It is a small list of php frameworks, but you can also find many more PHP frameworks for your web application development process over the internet or simply can hire specialized web development companies that can do the job for you. Every framework has its own features list, so choose framework according to what is appropriate for your business requirements.

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