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10 Things Your Medical Website May Be Lacking

Medical WebsiteWhen it comes to website design, there are many professionals that can offer a beautiful appearance. However, not all of these designers go to great lengths to make sure your site is easily accessible. In fact, many professionals may use some form of template that is common among all of their clients. While the look may be appealing, it doesn’t really set your site apart from the multitudes of others on the Internet. What may your medical website be lacking when it comes to retaining potential patients?

Optimized for Search Engines

One of the most sought after practices for website design is that of search engine optimization. While keywords and phrases may still play a prominent role, a good SEO company will delve deeper into promoting your website. This could include online directories, search engine submissions and customized titles and metatags.

Image Optimization

Although images may help in visitor retention and providing information, not everyone optimizes them for online access. For example: a high-resolution image may provide incredible detail at full size, but it takes devices longer to render them-which will slow down your website.

Location SEO

Optimization for local offices can help attract those in your area to your practice, but it can also be beneficial if you operate more than one location. On-page SEO can help you deliver the correct information to others in different areas. Your one website can accommodate visitors from separate locations if you have offices in other cities. Potential clients won’t have to worry about travel if you have an office nearby that is viewable in the search results.

Mobile Responsiveness

More people are taking to smartphones and tablets today to run searches for virtually everything. The days of the old paper phone books are surely numbered as most adults in the United States has a mobile device on their person at all times. Your website needs to be responsive to these units in order to be seen correctly.

Detailed Website Statistics

One of the most effective methods for developing an attractive website is by examining the statistics of its pages. This information can be used to determine which pages are less accessed, demographics, what services are people most interested in and much more. Knowing how people visit your site can have an impact in your local procedures and what you can do to improve your services.

Informative Blog

One method that many organizations use to gather visitors is by maintaining a blog on their website. By delivering factual information to the general public, you can attract a larger number of visitors. This can turn into leads for your services whether you’re a dentist or a plastic surgeon. It could also deliver a sense of professionalism and trust while potential clients are informed about various health topics.

Custom Content and Editor

What good is a blog if there is nothing on it to read? Some design companies will offer several customized pages of content to get you started as well as an editor so that you can add more. These editors are usually extremely user friendly allowing you to write an informative piece for your clients in very little time.

Social Media Integration

Social media is often used as a marketing strategy to attract visitors to a website. It can also be used to provide a more personable appearance. This can help improve your local reputation. Potential clients may feel more at ease with someone that shares with the online community rather than an unknown recluse. It’s also a good way to share pertinent information with patients such as interesting blog articles or changes in procedures.

Customized Online Forms

Online forms can allow potential clients to fill out their information prior to visiting your office. This could save people a great deal of time as they’re able to fill out documents from the comfort of their own home. It could have great potential for streamlining the process of your practice.

Patient Education Library

Preventative maintenance is key to virtually any subject in life. Providing a patient education library not only attracts visitors and helps generate leads, but it can also help your patients by delivering tips and how-tos for certain kinds of care. Pamphlets and instruction sheets are nice, but a video and other online materials can give them access to information any time they need it.

Companies such as Solution21 do more than simply create an elegant site. These professionals make sure that the entire experience is tailored to your patients and medical practice. Instead of settling for something that merely looks good on a computer screen, invest in something that can add a unique flare to the experience. After all, not all physicians and dentists are alike. Why should your website be the same as those in your field of practice?

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