Top Reasons to Go for a 4K Television

samsung-4k-oledNo matter how much you achieve, you always want better than what you have. And same is the case with the gadgets that you have. Talking about gadgets, let's come to televisions. With technologies such as HD TV's, full HD TV's & 3D TV's coming, there is another new breed of televisions that have surfaced recently. These are 4K televisions that provide with four times the resolution than the full HD TV's. But when new technologies arrive, we all have a doubt in our minds whether to go for that or not. Well here are top reasons to go for a 4K television this year!

It enhances your viewing experience!

Well when we say it is the latest technology, then the expectations from the same are high. And we can surely say that 4K televisions live up to the expectations and may be even beyond them. With features like full HD that your current T.V. probably has you will think ‘what is the use of upgrading to a 4K'. Well, if you at least give a shot to this new technology, you will exactly know why. You are bound to fall in love with the realistic pictures it produces!


4K pictures have more detail

This one is the most obvious benefit of upgrading to a 4K television. The details and sharpness of the pictures it produces is unbeatable. And why not, their 3840 × 2160 pixel count is four times the resolution than that of a full HD. Details as much as every grass on a cricket field, every leaf of a tree and every star shining in the sky. And all this is impossible to achieve with a HD TV set. So yes, if you are keen about good quality, go for a 4K!

Better image depth

We talked a lot about the clarity, details and resolution, but wait, that's not all. The image depth that this set creates is unbelievable. All thanks again to the extra pixels it produces. People who saw a long distance rendered shot in 4K at first thought that they were looking at a glass free 3D TV set. The details it produces help our sense to judge how far into the distance that view goes. And when the screen can't render any more details, the images flatten out. But because of increased pixels in 4K, this flattening effect will occur a lot later giving you image depth better than ever.

Is it now the time to switch to a 4k TV?

A perfect fit for growing desire of bigger TV's

Everyone nowadays wants to have a big television set. Some want it for having a good viewing experience while others want to own it to brag about it. No matter what the reason is, when TV gets larger it will have to be fed with more pixels. Have you ever noticed that when you go near your television you see those pixels? And so you have to sit at a good distance to watch your favourite show for seamless experience. But in the case of 4K televisions, this won't happen!

Makes your 3D experience even better!

Everyone doesn't want 3D, but there are many of them who love it. When we talk about 3D, it is created with a passive format. This format uses a screen filter system to create a 3D effect and because of which the original resolution gets reduced. But as the 4K will have twice as many lines, even after screen filtering the resolution will be enough to give you a full HD experience. To conclude this we can say, yes, you can enjoy 3D in full HD on 4K television.

4K TV's are affordable!

One of our great concerns is whether or not this gadget will fit our budget. First things first, the resolution is 4 times but the price is not! Well if you do a little research, then you will definitely find one fitting in to your budget. Well obviously, you can't buy a ship with $100, and so you need a bit sizeable budget when thinking of buying a 4K television. But then everything is worth it when it comes to enhancing your experience. Buying a 4K television is something that you'll definitely not regret!

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