Top 7 Web App Ideas and Trends to Watch in 2019

We are in the year 2019, and lots have happened digitally last year. 2019 will bring new trends in the web world. There are more than 150M active websites across the world and this number is increasing with each passing day.

We have experienced some significant changes in the last few years, from mobile-first app development to the HTML5 revolution to native features in the web applications, web design and development tools are upgraded unexpectedly. With the increase in the use of latest technologies such as cross-platform frameworks, machine-learning, and more diverse developer base, 2019 is going to be full of exciting changes and trends in the web world.

Here are some prediction about the upcoming web development trends. In one way or another, these trends will help developers to build an enterprise-grade website by keeping recent updates in mind.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Though artificial intelligence is not new, when we talk about revolution in the web industry, it can’t be ignored. Undoubtedly, machine learning will take analytics to another level. Earlier, analytics was more about reacting: log the data and use it for updates. But now, it is all about tracking your app performance and improving user experience based on that data. This will help developers create personalized sites that behave differently for different users, as per the user feedback.

2. Voice Assistants

2019 is going in the hands of voice assistants. Soon, voice search or voice inputs will take over the traditional input. With the arrival of Siri and Alexa, conversational/chatty interfaces have become a part of mobile and web apps. With more and more users interacting with the apps using voice assistants, it brings challenges to the developers to offer a seamless experience to the users on the web as well as mobile apps.

3. Augmented Reality in Web Apps

Augmented reality will be stronger than ever in the upcoming year. With the introduction of AR games such as Pokemon Go and Snapchat Filters, AI is going to be implemented in our day-to-day applications, not just in games and social media.

One thing that keeps AR separate from VR is that it doesn’t require full immersion hardware, we can use it just by our phones. But AR won’t be limited to the mobile app only, it will be expanded to web apps.

4. One language for all

Earlier, every developer was stuck to one specific language. With the advent of JavaScript and HTML5, this perception has changed. These languages were not limited to web only, it became the universal programming language.

Even though JavaScript has its set of choices, developers will soon realize that the concepts introduced in the framework are somewhat transferable. This shifts developers’ focus to better web app architecture and programming habits.

Frameworks such as React Native and NativeScript also play a crucial role in bringing developers to web technologies as they provide a single code base for mobile as well as web apps.

In addition to that, concepts such as PWAs, progressive web applications will clear the difference between web and native mobile apps. It will enable developers to focus on providing a better user experience without thinking much about platforms.

Another technology that is bringing developers to the web is Web Assembly. With the help of this technology, developers can target the web with C#, Rust, CC, and other programming languages.

5. Reduce App Size

Earlier, one of the biggest concerns that developers have to make the web app as small as possible. But now developers focus more on framework than size. It resulted in apps grown significantly in size, and although the bandwidth has also increased to a great extent, only certain areas and people will get benefited from this. This will make the devs working on the size of the app again and making it comparatively smaller. Reducing app size doesn’t imply that the app will work faster, but it would be a boon for the markets with expensive and slow internet connections where saving every byte is worth value.

Let’s have a look at some other trends that will transform mobile as well as web app development.

6. Chatbots World

ChatbotChatbots are one of the most popular add-ons on the website. It has been found in research that every year the US companies lost more than $60 million due to their poor customer services. This problem can be addressed and solved by chatbots. Chatbots can work 24/7 and address customer support requirement in a more efficient way than humans. Chatbots also eliminates the need for a full-time customer service representative.

7. Static Websites

Though dynamic websites are in the trend right now, static websites are not completely out of the way. As the number of websites is constantly increasing, the key to getting success is to make a simple and straightforward website with quick-load time. And static websites are capable of serving this objective. This is also considered as a cost-effective approach for the business owners. Like a dynamic website, static websites also offer an interesting and engaging experience to the customers.

8. Motion UI

Today’s web app users are expecting everything to be simple yet intuitive. To satisfy this demand, here comes the Motion UI.

Motion UI can present a simple, minimalistic website with a useful and elegant interface. All you need to do is to proper research and implementation to let it change your web app experience and increase your website’s conversion rate. It also includes hovers, animated charts, beautiful headers, and background animations. With Motion UI, you can stand your website apart from the crowd.

9. Single Page Applications (SPAs)

Some of the big, popular names that use SPA, single-page application include Gmail, Facebook, Github. A SPA can eliminate the need to load the page again and again when in use. It loads all the content via JavaScript. Single page application works inside the browser and shows natural behavior. The key benefit of SPAs is that they render the web pages directly in the browser and don’t need any additional waiting time.

Wrapping Up,

The above-discussed trends are worth to watch in 2018, 2019, and beyond. It will provide developers with insights to what is happening in the web developers and what they can expect in the upcoming future.

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