Top 3 Online Form Creation Tools

Why use online form tools?

Data collection and analysis has always been a fundamental part in aiding the efficient management of resources for best output. No matter if you are a college student or a multinational company owner, data collection and analysis always come in handy. Effective management of resources is the key to huge prospects in today’s era and that is what surveying provides. But what is so special about the current revolution in the art of surveying?

Revolution in the art of surveying

Digital surveying has proved to be a game changer. No matter where you’re located, what your organization does, or what the magnitude of your business is, digital surveying has had a major impact on the usefulness of resources and utilization of manpower.

So, are you tired of using conventional methods of surveying and data analysis?

Then have a sigh of relief, sit back and relax because several online form creators have it all covered for you!

The art of surveying has taken a turn in the recent era towards the use of technological aid in not only creating online forms for surveying but also using fine tools to analyze the survey data and results automatically. The painstaking task of manual surveying is now a part of history. Abundant options for online form creation now exist including:

All such platforms provide ‘smart surveying’ which not only helps in getting customer/user feedback but also aids in developing strategies and educating staff with the latest trends of the marketplace.

Now, let me give you a brief introduction to these major form making websites:

Google Forms

Originally a feature of Google Sheets, Google forms has emerged to be one of the most simple to use form creating software on the market. It offers both free and paid options for survey creation and collection of responses. It is powered by a spreadsheet at the back-end. It offers basic themes and a basic set of questions and option types to choose from in the free version. It also has the ability to customize forms for customers with a higher budget. It is a go-to option for a majority of university or college students due to its simplicity in creation of online forms.


JotForm is a powerful B2B (Business to Business) tool with 100+ integrations. JotForm is the first and the only full-featured form builder that is 100% mobile friendly. It allows users to create custom forms, offering over 7000 templates, form analytics, easy to use design options and more. It’s an exceptional tool on the market proving its worth with every satisfied customer, JotForm has grown exponentially since its development in 2006. It is a tool that continues to be an inspiration regarding the level of user-friendliness and easiness that an online form building tool can deliver.

Microsoft Forms

As a feature of the Microsoft 365 educational subscription, Microsoft Forms is a lightweight and basic form making tool. It is cloud-connected and makes the process of asking questions and compiling the responses easy using the power of cloud services. It covers everything from simple poll questions to complicated branching questionnaires and quizzes. Its remarkable step by step guided user interface lets users build simple polls and quizzes or surveys at the blink of an eye.

So, which form building platform should you go for?

A detailed and comprehensive comparison of the various features of these tools might help you land on the correct choice for your home or enterprise use.

Google Forms

  • Offers a drag and drop option for editing and creating surveys
  • Drafts several types of graphs for an immersive depiction of survey results
  • Can save all the results in an external Google Spreadsheet
  • Ability to link images and YouTube videos with survey forms
  • Any user with average computer literacy can use and utilize this user-friendly tool
  • Common among students for use in simple forms creation to analyze data for Final Year Projects etc.
  • Pricing:

Basic with 30GB storage: $5 USD/user/month

Business with unlimited storage: $10 USD/user/month

Enterprise with advanced controls and capabilities: $25 USD/user/month

Let me share some screenshots for this tool to give you something similar to a hands-on experience:

Drop-down Menu Style with options of having a multiple choice, drop-down menu or check-boxes styled questtionaire
Multiple Choice Grids. Here, the required options for multiple choice questions can be chosen and also be sorted into columns or rows
Settings page to customize to your needs e.g. Limiting to 1 response etc.
Theme selection page. You can upload your own images for a customized theme or choose from the various available themes


  • Offers amazing ways to customize questions
  • Offers more than 100 integrations with services such as Salesforce, MailChimp, Zapier, and Asana
  • More than 25 payment integrations, including Square, PayPal, and Authorize.Net
  • Allows image or logo uploading and embedding
  • Thousands of templates and themes to choose from that are editable
  • Drag-and-drop customization
  • Synced data and automated storage with organization of data in one of the most remarkable ways
  • Is one of the only platforms that offers full mobile support so that you can effectively use all the features on the go
  • Editing available on mobile or tablet devices even when offline
  • Offers the widest and most diverse range of forms including: custom application forms, payment/order forms, registration forms, surveys and feedback forms and more
  • A user with absolutely no coding experience can easily use this
  • Pricing:

Starter with 100 MB storage: Free

Bronze with 10 GB storage: $19 USD/user/month

Silver with 100 GB storage: $39 USD/user/month

Gold with advanced controls and capabilities and 1 TB available storage: $99 USD/user/month

Screenshots of this wonderful platform for form creation are attached below:

JotForm offers conditional logic, which allows you to automate showing or hiding questions on a form based on a person’s previous answers. This allows you to provide your customers with a personalized form experience.
JotForm offers e-signing functionality where users can collect signatures online to finalize contracts, grant permissions, sign consent forms, and more. JotForm integrates with Docusign, Adobe Sign, and more.
JotForm’s Form Analytics provide complete data analysis using graphs, live data and much more.
Easy to Use Widgets. This is the Build Screen. An easy-to-use widget aided screen interface makes JotForm a remarkable online form building tool
Innovative Form Design Using Cards – I
Innovative Form Interface – II
Innovative Form Interface – III

Microsoft Forms

  • Works on any web-browser
  • Easy integration with other Office 365 services
  • Grants the ability to be embedded on any web-page or website
  • Offers great security of data
  • Gives the ability to share the forms with anonymous users to collect unbiased data
  • Easy to create duplicate forms from existing ones
  • Pricing: Is offered with Office 365 Educational or Work subscriptions

An exclusive look into MS Forms through screenshots:

Home Screen with options to create new form or new quiz
Questions Window. Here you can choose the type of question and create it with its options.
Adding Further Questions
Theme Selection Widget. You can choose from any color to even pictures to add to the background of your online form to keep the respondent interested.
Form Preview

The Verdict

Every tool mentioned above is unique in its own way but after a close inspection and review of the factual elements of each software, JotForm turns out to be the winner. This is because it offers the best price to value ratio. Its forms offer a good visual interface to keep the interest of the respondent intact till the end. It is the only tool that offers integrations. Moreover, having the most diverse catalog of different types of forms and polls with the ability to have offline support on mobile or tablet devices on the move is what makes this software stand out among its peers.

If you have any questions, please ask below!