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The Most Insanely Looking Flash Drives

USB flash drives hold a vast amount of data that can be incredibly useful. In today's rapid growth of technology we need something really portable and handy that can be carried around anywhere which increases the probability of getting them damaged. But forget that! This article here talks about the most insanely looking, outrageous, out of this world, look-at-me Flash drives out there. Seriously, when it comes to catching someone's attention, something as little as a USB Flash Drive can do the job for you. Take a look for yourselves:

1. Steam Punk USB Flash Drives

When it comes to handmade vintage artifact-like flash drives made of recycled metals such as brass and copper, Will Rockwell's Steam Punk USB drives are the ones to get. Will Rockwell is the creator of these steam punk inspired, out of this world flash drives. You can buy them off his page on Etsy.com. Be careful thought since Will has a history of pricing his latest creations sky high. How high? The following flash drive was priced for a staggering $3,000 when it was released. It's made of brass and copper ladies and gentlemen. Brass and Copper!

2. Victorinox @Work USB Flash Drive

Knives, tweezers, tooth picks, scissors, can openers, torch lights; Victorinox incorporates all sorts of useful tools into their pocket knives and what could there latest edition be? A USB flash drive of course! Meet the Swiss Army Victorinox @Work pocket knife/USB drive. It has everything. Quite literally everything. You can buy this off the Victorinox store for as little as $13!

3. DataTraveler

We do have a little delight for the teenagers who want something really cool to keep. Flash drives in the shape of marvelous super heroes, cartoons and many more jaw dropping characters wrapping up your data traveler are common now. This rare category also includes data travelers wrapped it in little toy machine guns, building blocks and much more.

4. Canon-EOS-5D-Mark-II Flash Drive

A flash drive in the shape of a Canon Lens. It comes in different sizes and different lens models. Miniature cameras as flash drives! The price tag ranges from about $60 to about $150 depending on your luck, their availability and where you're buying them from.

5. Gift 24Karat 999.9 Gold

A flash drive design that beats them all. Talk about putting the flash into your flash drive right? This one of a kind USB flash drives is equipped with 4GB up to a maximum of 32 GB of storage. However, the flash drive is not made of pure gold, rather a thin gold leaf. If it was indeed made of Gold, the price tag would be something close to $24k. These USB flash drives come for as much as $300; hefty, but still easier to swallow than a $24k price tag right?

There you have it. Some of the most insanely looking, show-stopping, attention-grabbing works of art that you can get your hands on.

This is a guest post by Alexandra Seremina. She is a tech blogger and marketing manager at Azoft (http://www.azoft.com/mobile-application-development.htm)-a mobile development company.

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