The Latest Trends in Technology

frfrwThe recent years have seen major improvements in technology, making it very difficult to catch up with the trends. Ground-breaking technologies and new items are introduced to the market almost every day. To stay ahead of the curve, technology giants have to remain in constant struggle and set the market standards. The rate at which we moved from big hard drives, to floppy disks, to memory cards, to memory cards, and now to cloud storage, is almost unbelievable. Electrical engineers, IT experts, and computer wizards are the centre of these developments. It is believed that the new era that started in late 2013 will be based on sub-atomic physics rather than solid state science. According to Mr. Jai Shroff, here are the technology trends that have dominated the world in 2016.

Data Privacy

With everyone relying on technology for day-to-day operations, data privacy has become a crucial topic of discussion. Companies and individuals are looking for different ways of securing their private data in order to stay safe. There is a lot of talk about NSA snooping revelations with some businesses publicly denouncing such actions and working on encryptions that keep personal data entirely private. While technology has availed many things at our fingertips, the risk of privacy intrusion is an issue that everyone is now concerned about.

Ultra High Density 4K in phones and TVs

Mobile phones have become devices that no one can do without. In fact, the transition from normal mobile devices to smartphones is almost becoming a necessity of you are to remain relevant. Forward thinkers speculate that by the end of this year, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processors will be very widely used. Mobile phones are already handling 4k videos which are quickly transforming entertainment. One undoubtable proof of this is the fact that winter Olympics and FIFA world cup are filmed in 4k with more content released via Sony and Netflix.

Touchless interfaces

Smartphone users have already begun predicting the capabilities of non-touch technology, thanks to sensors and voice recognition software. Smartphone user can access endless amounts of information using applications like Google Now on iOS and Siri which can work with hands free operation.

3-D Printing

Once thought to be impossible, people are now getting familiar with the concept of 3-D printing. This technology has streamlined prototyping and improved designs while reducing costs. It’s projected that 3-D printer’s will grow by 75 percent by next year and hit 200 percent by 2018.

Cloud computing services

One of the greatest milestones in IT infrastructure is the concept of cloud computing. Large companies have created a major effort towards achieving cloud-based database systems for customers, which achieve immense improvements in connectivity and reliability. This trend has also crawled into personal cloud services making it easy to access information via multiple devices.

Online video streaming

Just a few years ago, you could not watch a movie unless you had a video player. DVDs quickly replaced traditional video players and are already being replaced by online video steaming. With extremely high downloading speeds, people are now able to access and view videos online, making it unnecessary to have an extra storage device. While data downloads are now at around 17 GB per month, this number is will soon exceed 70 GB, opening a door to innumerable accessibility.

IT friendly social networks

One thing that has been clearly realized by every social person is the fact that Social Media has shifted to become the centre of attention by everyone. People only wait for news to confirm what they’ve got from social media. With such a trend, governments are also using social media platforms as a way of passing information and obtaining feedback, hence bridging the gap between leaders and the people. Social media discussions have improved social interactions and increased accessibility to information, hence defining the way of life for most people.

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