The future of Laser Engraving

For about a solid decade and a half now, laser engraving has seen a steady increase in almost all aspects; customer interest, cost effectiveness of material, ease of use of the devices and smaller device sizes.But the good times have to end right? Yes, nothing last forever, but the twilight of laser engraving and laser engravers is nowhere even near the horizon. Interest has been higher than ever. Demand for laser engraved goods has been higher than ever. Technology has been better than it has ever been. Devices and engraveable materials have never been cheaper.

laser carving

Customers, as well as the industry, have finally discovered the true value that laser engravers can bring to their lives and businesses, efficiency. Laser engravers are faster, more precise and more consistent in the production of goods. Some machines can even be used on different materials which brings a whole new level of convenience and revenue stream. Imagine engraving industrial metals one day and then setting the device to engrave on stone and wood the next. This was not previously possible as a single manual engraver may not have the skills or expertise to work with varying types of mediums. This single reason removes bottlenecks in production, saving clients time and money in trying to source different materials from different engravers.

Laser engraving is currently riding a wave that few industries ever get to enjoy. Better technologies are currently being developed which will only make things easier, faster, more accurate and more convenient. Prices of devices and accessories are getting lower. Consumer interest is ever increasing. And finally, a market with a growing demand. It may be taboo to say it, but the upward trend of laser engraving currently has no end in sight. This may jinx it, but it is nonetheless true. Now is the time to get a laser engraver and enter this burgeoning marketplace. If you’re buying a laser engraver with the intent to go into business then grit, determination and hard work are table stakes. Skill and patience are needed as well, but surprisingly these are not limiting factors. Remember that technological advancement is ever pressing forward. New devices are in various stages of conception and release that only make the laser engraving process more efficient with better software and faster engraving speeds.

With all things considered, the future of laser engraving is bright indeed. Great leaps in the technology used and a market that responded positively to the advantages that laser technology has brought to their business is allowing the industry to reach new heights. Furthermore, the rise of the “maker movement” (at-home do-it-yourselfers) has developed into a new market that is pushing for smaller but high quality devices that can pump out product made with the precision of large devices but from the comfort of their home office. With some devices costing less than a couple weeks worth of Starbucks coffees, laser engraving technology has become more accessible than ever. So why not join in on the excitement? Who knows you may be able to carve out that dream business you’ve always been talking about.


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