Xnspy Software Review

Do you feel that your employees can do better by maximizing their time at work? Have you noticed that they misuse the company issued cell phone and waste time on personal things rather than paying attention to work? You are not the only business owner facing this dilemma. Internet access has made it possible for everyone to access social media sites and to stay in touch with loved ones around the clock. This is why; workers tend to use company Wi-Fi internet for personal reasons while they are at work. The consequence of this is that people remain distracted while at work, which leads to avoidable lapses and mistakes. This is why an increasing number of business owners are investing in employee monitoring software.

By installing such software in company's issued cell phones, employers can keep a track of their employees' cell phone activities remotely. XNSPY is an example of a monitoring app that allows business owners to access various activities so that they can make sure that their workers don't misuse the company-issued cell phones. Employers can tell their workers about their watching them to make sure that they comply with the company's policy about not mixing work with personal matters.

How to Boost Productivity via Monitoring?

The best way to increase productivity is by preventing distractions at work. Using other features that come with a monitoring app, employers can increase accountability and productivity at the workplace. At the same time, it can help instill a team player consciousness and help being co-workers closer as a united workforce.

SMS Monitoring

text message

By monitoring text messages sent and received on the target employees' cell phone, business owners can make sure there is no risk of espionage. Sometimes, competitors send spies as workers to steal company secrets. Business owners can use a monitoring app to rule out this risk. An additional benefit of screening text messages is that business owners can know if there are interpersonal tensions amongst workers.

Monitor Emails

check email

In order to make sure that employees don't compromise the company, screening all incoming and outgoing emails can also be a great idea. Besides, written emails can also serve as proof of in-house correspondences between all workers. This can increase accountability and make the work environment more productive.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking

Some businesses require the team to stay out in the field around the clock, for example a cab business. With a monitoring app with this feature, business owners can keep track of their workers to make sure that they stick to the route and don't make detours. This feature in an employee monitoring software helps maximize the resources and helps employers to trust their workers while they are out in the field.

Use Geo-fencing

GEO fencing

This is an extremely innovative monitoring feature, which helps business owners to keep their team safe. Whenever their workers go out into the field, they can use this feature to make sure that they remain within the work zone. As soon as the target cell phone goes beyond the watch-listed precinct, the app sends alerts to the employer. They can call the employees' attention and ask them to get back into the permissible work area. Another way to use this feature is by configuring the app to alert employers when the target phone enters a watch-listed area or venue.

Screen IM Chats

GEO Fencing

Using internet messengers like Skype, WhatsApp and others is the norm nowadays. Employers can screen such apps to make sure that employees stick to the company's policy about not disclosing company secrets. You can even consider blocking such apps remotely to prevent employees from using these on the company issued cell phone. This will help them remain focused while they are at work.

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