Why You Need a DAM

business partnerIf your company doesn't have a digital asset management (DAM) system yet, it's time to think about getting one. In today's digital age, one of the main problems organizations face with their creative files is keeping track of them all. Video files, photographs, designs, and textual content are all valuable assets that your employees need to be able to access easily. The trouble is, without a DAM system, you and your team are probably having trouble finding and utilizing many of your digital files. This costs time and money and wastes energy.

Uses for Digital Assets

The visual artwork developed by your creative team is crucial to your business. In today's marketing world, reading text is not enough to attract and hold the attention of viewers. You need to incorporate photographs, videos, and film clips, which is why it's so important to appropriately manage the ones you have with a DAM system. Your creative assets are necessary for websites, marketing, branding, sales promotions, and presentations.

DAM Capabilities

You may wonder what a digital management system can actually do, and the answer is "plenty." With a DAM system, you can search for, archive, retrieve, and organize your files. You can also grant access and permissions at different levels to user groups and individual users, so systems are secure, yet accessible. The technology also incorporates metadata, which is the language of the program and can help you categorize items by keyword, title, author, date created, and format.

Money and Time Saver

When you add a digital asset management system to your organization, there will be initial costs for implementation. Once it's up and running, however, you will save money, time, and talent. Instead of your creative staff wasting time searching for or recreating lost files, they can be working on new projects, because DAM is managing your existing digital artwork and design files.

The answer to the question, "Should our company invest in a DAM system?" is a resounding "Yes!" Once your digital assets are managed properly by a cloud-based or on-premise system, you will wonder how you ever found anything before. Do your business and employees a favor and incorporate a DAM setup into your lives to keep your assets ready and waiting to be utilized when you need them.

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