Why Small Businesses Should Utilize An Applicant Tracking System

Small businesses are constantly looking for innovative ideologies that can fast-track them to the success road! An Applicant Tracking System is one of those looks. The prime value of an ATS arises from an efficient, repeatable and reliable process for attracting, screening and hiring the best people in the industry. Applicant tracking software is a comprehensive e-recruitment solution that helps an organization find talents, and recruit them more efficiently, thus leading to an automation of the entire process. The market today has a variety of software options with a host of innovative features that can completely revolutionize the conventional hiring procedure of a firm.

So why do companies need applicant tracking systems and will they even make a difference? Let’s have a look at some key reasons that prove that investing in an ATS is one of the best things for small businesses, their employees, and stakeholders.

  • Increase Bottom Line Profits – An applicant tracking system plays a large role in removing redundant and lengthy recruitment processes. This wonder tool is designed to help small businesses save time and money. By automating processes, organizations shrink the amount of paperwork usually linked with the mammoth hiring function, which helps to save time and lower administrative costs. Applicant tracking system can also save on the monetary costs of advertising by routinely publishing job vacancy ads on the appropriate job portals and finding potential candidates fitting vacant job profiles. The performance metrics of companies using ATS are much higher and statistics prove that firms using applicant tracking systems are up to 40 % more productive in business functions compared to those functioning without them.
  • Reliable, Consistent and Seamless Compliance – Small firms are often flooded with a number of applications, resumes, notices and official recruitment communication. An applicant tracking system is an efficient tool which keeps incoming job applications organized in a central place. It can also star, archive, move and manage the status of a job application. The end – to –end recruitment information can be stored at one place, and can be retrieved for later use also. This largely improves the overall consistency of the recruitment process, thus ensuring that the organization is compliant with recruitment policies and procedures. A compliant and standardized recruitment system will greatly reduce grievances, conflicts, and lawsuits, thus improving the organizational work culture.
  • Facilitates Future Growth – Applicant tracking systems can lead to the radical and unprecedented growth story of a firm! Aligning an applicant tracking system to the current business needs is one of the efficient ways to achieve concentrated organizational growth. With the right ATS, a small business can look after all its current human resource needs and even plan to expand in diverse geographical locations in time. Cloud based technology makes it easy for companies to have constant access to the recruiting needs of the firm at the mere click of a device! Career portals can be personalized and configured to convey organizational values and promote the employer brand. The ATS interface can showcase what the business stands for and screen employees on the basis of core competencies and terminal values aligned to the company.
  • Attracts Appropriate Clients – Managers can bid goodbye to confused, disorganized and cluttered manual hiring procedures which led to a huge wastage of effort and manual hours! Applicant tracking systems have a much cleaner application approach and help businesses work their way through a multitude of resumes. From automated social media integration to managing email templates and advertisement posting, an ATS takes off much of the traditional burden that recruiters face. An automated ATS utilizes pre-identified standards and qualifications to recognize and select ideal candidates, who meet the required job criteria. It helps to gather a tremendous amount of data about company recruitment and a good ATS can be a driving force in formulating an appropriate long term strategy for organizational success. Also, because it largely reduces time-to-hire, a company can keep high-quality applicants more engaged and less prone to removing themselves from the recruitment mix.
  • Reduces Administrative and Personnel Costs – Applicant Tracking Systems can prove to be a real boon to small businesses, as they bring down routine administrative costs by a huge extent. Simple procedures like resume screening, online job posting, and interview scheduling can consume massive chunks of time and manual work hours of employees. With the majority of recruitment work being automated, these employees can focus on other pertinent job issues. So communicating with applicants, filing data, and handling paperwork no longer needs to be so time-consuming and ultimately expensive in terms of man hours. These personnel expenses, along with those related to heaps of paperwork can be lessened with e-recruiting automation.

For any company building work relationship with the top talent in the market is of paramount importance. Investing in a good applicant tracking software is essential to harness its numerous benefits and it will surely propel any business on to greater heights!


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