Why Should Startups Pay Attention To The Mean Stack For App Development?

What happens when we merge the four empowering technologies?

We get the best app development platform for startups. MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS) Stack is an advanced mobile app development software stack. Over the years, startups have seen potential in MEAN stack developmentfor their business.

Just think MEAN stack as a machine with four best running parts that synchronize to create the most efficient mobile apps. But,

Why Should a Startup Choose MEAN Stack Development?

In accordance with Smallbiztrends;

Two of thebiggest reasons for most startups to fail are lack of market, which amounts to 42% and running out of cash (29%). But, with MEAN stack, startups can reach their market potential with a product that is easy on the pocket.

MEAN Stack app development promises higher efficiency with low maintenance. Startups can leverage these technologies for rapid growth and prototyping. It is an open-source technology.

Though there are many other technology stacks with Mean Stack, the development is easy, flexible yet cost-effective.

Let’s understand what Mean Stack Anatomy has stored in for startups:

  1. MongoDB:

A NoSQL database management system that can help get adequate data access between client and server through JSON files.

  1. ExpressJS:

A backend web application framework to develop single page or multi-page web apps in Node.js

  1. AngularJS:

A frontend technology that makes the user request processing more profound and client-side interaction seamless.

  1. NodeJS:

A server-side framework or Javascript runtime environment for better JS code executions.

So, this was all about how these multiple technologies amalgamate to ensure robust development along with seamless interactivity.


How Mean Stack Acts Like A “Reliable Framework” For Startups To Achieve Success?

As a start-up, one always looks for an excellent development stack. Here, MEAN stack scores high. All four technology work in sync and create a seamless experience for users. Let’s understand how the requests and responses are dealt with to ensure a seamless experience.

The flow of requests from the first point of interaction between user and system is seamless. And the same goes for a response.

It can help startups in below manner;

  • Creating powerful user experiences.
  • Quick and real-time changes in the application even during app development.
  • Being supported by MVC, it allows you to work with a variety of languages.
  • Supports automated testing.

Now that we understood the technologies and its function, let’s deep dive into how it helps startups to empower business growth.

Some More Reasons for Increasing Popularity Of Mean Stack Amongst Startups

  1. Cash Problems:

As we discussed, one of the reasons why startups fail is cash problems. Startups can save money with MEAN stack development. When startups choose app development, they need different professionals.

One needs people with Javascript skills only for MEAN stack. All the technologies in MEAN are related to Javascript. Entrepreneurs can hire MEAN stack experts for web-apps development. Mobile app development becomes cost-effective with MEAN stack.

  1. Scaling the Business:

Startups look for better scalability so as to quickly establish themselves. MEAN stack development can help the scale with Javascript prowess. It creates effective client-side, server-side interactions without the need for a standalone server.

MEAN stack provides reusable codes for different platforms. So, startups can scale their business across platforms.

  1. Ease Of Coding:

The migration of codes from AngularJS to NodeJS can be a tad difficult. But, with professional MEAN stack development services, it is easy. Developers can use isomorphic coding for migrations. It helps the migration of codes between different frameworks.

The only requirement of migration is a common framework. Here, Javascript remains to be the standard framework between Angular and Node.

  1. Rapid Development:

MEAN stack can help with rapid development. The technology stack has several pre-built modules. Developers can leverage such modules. There is no need to build new modules from scratch.

There are several repositories too. Startups can use them for readymade codes. It can reduce development time. Startups can also explore rapid prototyping. The concept of a minimum viable product or MVP is applicable. MEAN is a great tool for MVP. Startups should consider using MEAN for MVP.


Startups need to up their game for a competitive market. More and more companies are digitizing the business. And, with smartphone users gradually increasing, investing in mobile app development is not a bad idea.

So, startups need to consider MEAN stack development for their businesses. If they want to have feature-rich and engaging apps, MEAN is the best option.

So, if you’re looking forward to thriving your business in the market, choose the best and experienced MEAN app development company for your business. Without a powerful app, you might not scale better, and neither sustains the odds of the market.

Have you ever tried Mean Stack to amplify your startup business? If so, we would love to know how you achieved success with Mean Stack.

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