Which are the top Essential Features of Delivery Routing Software?

As the market gets tough, most competitors have resorted to smarter ways to bring better customer satisfaction. The last-mile delivery software system is a value-added component to empower the dream of better customer satisfaction.

But even though with the real-time delivery tracking system in the form of last-mile delivery software, there remains a lot to be done to make it even better and bigger. If you want to use the last mile delivery software for enhancing the customer experience, you need to find out the top features that define the best service provider in the competition. In this blog, you will get to know about the features that make the best last-mile delivery software, but before we begin, it is essential for the readers to understand what last-mile delivery software is?

What is the Last Mile Delivery Software?

Last-mile delivery is a term that defines the delivery of the merchandise from the nearest store to the delivery address. Last-mile delivery is a collective term concerning the supply chain. Many companies have been using the software system to track and facilitate the delivery and dropping off the goods at the respective delivery checkpoints.

But when you are planning to get the last mile delivery software for strengthening your supply chain, here are a few top features that you must consider in the first place.

Top Features of Real-Time Delivery Tracking System

Adaptive Design

To make the software adaptative and robust, it should have the advantage to add events, processes, and gateways as and when required. When the software system is flexible enough to add to the adaptative changes, it will help better the user experience. The software should be such to function as per the circumstances. For example, if there is a failed delivery or inability to deliver the merchandise, the software system must intimate the backend team and prepare the failed delivery for the second attempt.

At the same time, the design should be such to go live instantly without any delay. The advantage of interoperability and implementation cycle will ensure the success of the last mile delivery software. At the time of getting the software system developed, pay heed to the adaptive designs.

Intelligent Dispatching Capability

Consumers nowadays are smart, and they want the best solutions for uplifting their buying experiences. As a result of that, better dispatching features like delivery allocation, real-time tracking are the demand of the hour.

It can quickly deal with the real challenge of resource crunch for the delivery. In such times, when the orders surpass the available resource supply available to cope with the need, this software can automatically pick the outsourced delivery service providers and get the delivery completed.

Not just concerning meeting up with the demand, this software support system can also think intelligently and pick up the orders on the same route and automatically pick those delivery service providers who are traveling on that route. In this way, they can improvise and better the delivery possibility by closing the deliveries on a triumphant note.

Granular Monitoring

Customers want real-time tracking of the orders at multiple levels. Thus, the delivery software must have all the added features to adhere to the requirement. The granular monitoring environment ensures the tracking of the delivery irrespective of the delivery process and resources used.

For the maintenance of the delivery via fleet, the monitoring system must report about the order placement, order picking time, exact location of order picking, and the drop location. Everything should be dynamic with transparency. With such features added to the system, better trust level with the customers happen in the long run.

Mobile Compliant

Most of the activities are done via mobile phones nowadays, as a result of that, you need to have a mobile-ready software system. When the managers and the delivery staff is on the field, they want a solution that can stimulate faster decision making. Having a software system that runs smoothly on a mobile phone can aid the decision-making process. In the process, real-time benefits will follow.

Better or Futuristic Communication

Futuristic communication in the form of peer-to-peer, manager-to-agent, and agent-to-customer will not only speed up the process but also add value to the same. A better last-mile delivery software must bridge the communication gap between the stakeholders and the management. Intimidation via emails, phone calls, and messages can keep the management process proactive and bring real-time benefits for the business.

Data Analytics

Data will be on a large scale when the delivery system software is concerned. Those scattered data can be compiled, analyzed, and refined to add value to the business. The data can be broken down into fragments as per the business need for proper business benefits. Whether it is about analyzing the customer habits, the preferences, or the buying trends, all of these can occur by the use of the data. Integrating that with the last mile delivery software will give considerable leverage to the business.

Customer Feedback Capability

The best metric to track the consumer habit is by analyzing their response towards the services delivered to them. When they are getting the chance to express their take on the services provided, any business can perform to its potential. At the time of getting the Delivery Routing Software developed, one has to pay due importance to how the tracking and review system works for the customers. Once these small feature gets integrated into the software, it will help the customers connect with the business and share their experiences.


The competition is all about bringing the futuristic solution for business simplification. Delivery Tracking System has played a pivotal role in simplifying the delivery process and uplifting the customer experience. It is on this note that they are going mainstream for bringing real-time business solutions for the enterprises.


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