Whatsapp Plus 2.20 Update Available for Free Download

11742818_757085591067582_3267830883479916241_nWhatsapp is one of the most popular instant messaging app because of it's amazing call quality and features. With the simple and elegant design whatsapp features a very good user experience. But if you want to use whatsapp status continuously then you have to pay $0.99 annually after completion of free services for the very first year.

It's not at all smart to pay for those services which other competitors are providing for free and then there comes Whatsapp plus. Whatsapp Plus provides almost all type of similar features which you get on the official whatsapp application without paying any charges.

Whatsapp Plus gives a very tough competition to the official whatsapp application because of it's well designed layout and features which easily fulfills all type of needs of their users for free.

Recently, Whatsapp plus was removed from the official app store after the request of the best Whatsapp status. But app was still available all over the internet and people were still using it, So whatsapp banned the official app for all those users who are using whatsapp plus on their devices. But fortunately, this problem is now resolved in this updated version of whatsapp plus.

The team has done some significant changes in the updated version of Whatsapp plus. The changes which are done in Whatsapp Plus 2.20 are mentioned below :-

  1. The updated version of whatsapp plus allows you to customize the app according to your needs, you can easily customize the theme, color, size and many more things of the app and in-app utilities.
  1. Whatsapp allows you to share audio, video or any other file of maximum size limit of 16 MB whereas now you can easily share files upto 50 MB in Whatsapp Plus.
  1. The images which are shared through whatsapp plus will maintain the same quality and size to the recipient which is not seen in the images which are shared on official whatsapp application.
  1. You can now share the music or any other audio files to your contact directly from your music library which cannot be done in it's previous version.
  1. The new Whatsapp Plus allows you to select a specific section of the message instead of copying the whole message and then editing it afterwards.
  1. The new interface allows it's user to see the status message directly from the chat screen of their contacts while chatting.
  1. At Last, you can now use whatsapp plus on your devices without choosing between official whatsapp and whatsapp plus.

How to Install the updated Whatsapp Plus 2.20 on your Android devices

Firstly, you need to enable the "Unknown source" option in the developer options which will allow you to install all type of android system app without downloading from sources other than Google Play store. After that you need to take backup of your whatsapp account and then uninstall the official whatsapp app. Next, you have to download Whatsapp Plus 2.20 apk file and install it on your android devices. Now, you just need to restore your chart history by your backup and that's all. Now you are all done, Enjoy ! Whatsapp Plus 2.20…

That's it with this article. Hope, you have liked the above tutorial. If you have any type of doubt or want to give any suggestion regarding the above article then you can leave your comments in the comment section below…

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