What You Need to Know About Managed File Transfer Software

Managed file transfer has become more and more important in recent years, as companies of all sizes struggle with massive amounts of data. No matter what industry you work in or what services you provide, the files on your computers and servers are critical to your success and even your survival. Keeping those files secure is essential, and that is where the right MFT solution comes into play.

Choosing the right MFT vendor is an essential part of doing business in the modern world. For many businesses, Cleo file transfer software is that solution. Its scalability is one reason why Cleo has become so popular. It is no secret that the amount of data companies handle on a routine basis has risen exponentially in recent years. The rise of social media and the increasing importance of websites and blogs has created an explosion in the amount of data companies need to handle, and that can make safety and security extremely difficult. Simply keeping track of the data generated by users inside the company can be an overwhelming task.


Making sure proprietary information stays within the virtual walls of the company can be even harder. While every company worries about hackers and many spend money on elaborate firewalls, the majority of data thefts and security breaches still come from the inside. A quality MFT solution needs to have security built in and be ready to take data security seriously.

In the early days of the Internet, single-purpose file transfer software was common, and it was often all that was needed. In those days, employees might need to send a single file to a colleague or transfer a backup to another office. Simple FTP software was fine for those jobs, but modern needs are much more complex.

Companies that do business with state or Federal government agencies have to meet an extensive array of security protocols and data handling guidelines, and most basic FTP software simply cannot meet such rigid standards. Using a purpose-built file transfer solution like Cleo helps businesses meet their obligations, keep their data safe and avoid the headaches and legal sanctions that can result from a single security breach.

Managed file transfer solutions like the one Cleo provides allow enterprises to manage, control, secure and govern the flow of data in and out of their organizations. That management is essential, since a single file in the wrong hands could spell disaster for the firm. From a well-meaning worker who gets tricked into sending information to hackers to a disgruntled employee that swipes an entire hard drive, data threats are everywhere. The right managed file transfer solution can protect the company from such threats and help them survive in an increasingly dangerous online world.

One of the things that sets Cleo file transfer software apart from some of its competitors is its end-to-end security. It is important for companies implementing an MFT solution to look at the security protocols used to keep their data safe. A good MFT solution should keep data safe in transit, and just about every modern file transfer product does that. It is also important, however, to keep the data secure at rest, and many FTP solutions overlook that vital step. Cleo file transfer keeps data safe throughout the entire process, both at rest and in transit. Furthermore, the software is able to evolve and adapt as business needs change, something that many MFT solutions cannot claim.

The MFT solutions Cleo provides also combine extensive file transfer security with a scalable and adaptable enterprise software product. That combination allows companies to seamlessly ramp up as their needs change, without the hassle or expense of purchasing and installing a whole new MFT software solution.

File transfer security has never been more important, and finding an MFT solution that is scalable, user-friendly and affordable is essential. Cleo file transfer software is designed to provide those benefits and help companies keep their most important asset-their data-safe and secure.

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