What is a booking engine software?

The work of a hotelier has changed dramatically in the past few years, but there are many innovative ways to make the job easier and more efficient. Not so long ago, we used to rely on scheduling reservations manually or running a call-based booking system.

Nowadays, with booking engine software, hotels can automate many of their tasks. How can booking engine software help you? Keep reading and find out!

How can you book at a hotel?

Although the COVID-19 pandemic limits travel options, you can definitely recall your memory on how amazing it feels when you book your upcoming vacation. Since online booking methods gained space, you barely call a hotel reception or book personally if you would like to make a reservation. Using online booking platforms, travellers can organize their entire trip in one sitting, but few people know what happens technically in the background and business-wise when they make a reservation at a hotel.

The war between OTA’s and direct bookings

When it comes to online reservations, there are two ways of making them: directly on the hotel’s site or through an online travel agent, commonly known as OTA. Capturing OTA reservations have benefits for the hotels, for example reaching new audiences or increasing the number of bookings.

But usually OTAs take comission fee after every reservation made through their site. It can even reach 15-20% each time somebody books a room through an online travel agency, which leads to losing benefit with this kind of reservations on the long term.

Mostly independent hotels and rentals are in a need of OTAs to make their business thrive and to get a chance against the big participants. But is there any way a smaller hotel can break the dominance of OTA reservations?

What is a booking engine software?

Most usually, the booking engine is injected into your hotel’s website, integrating with it seamlessly. A booking engine allows your guests to easily make reservations online on the spot, without having to go through third-party websites or softwares.

A professional booking engine can also work with the hotel’s social media pages, allowing the guests to make reservations directly from a Facebook page or any other compatible profiles. Often, the booking engine software comes as a part of a whole hotel management system, which offers a wide variety of additional features, including a channel manager or useful data analysis tools.

All in all, with a properbooking engine software, hoteliers can effectively increase the percentage of direct bookings, and also increase revenue, as direct bookings come without fees hotel owners would usually have to pay to an online travel agency.

In search of the perfect booking engine

A hotel booking engine software’s quality varies along with the price. Besides the basic functions some extra ones always come in handy. Here are a couple of booking engine features you should look for before you purchase a product:

  • – Facebook integration – in the era of social media it is crucial to have a Book Now button on Facebook to make bookings quick and easy
  • – Mobile friendly – accepting mobile bookings is more important than ever
  • – Multilingual, multi-currency – where people speak multiple languages they use multiple currencies as well, a booking software should have both
  • – Promotion codes – a hotel can engage with its customers through discounts time to time
  • – Upselling features – offering extra services through a reservation can be benefitial in hospitality business
  • – Google Analytics integration – keeping track with data can help marketing campaigns and decision making

SabeeApp – a professional booking engine and more

SabeeApp is a cloud-based hotel management system with an advanced hotel booking engine as one of its core components. The booking engine software can be quickly embedded into the hotel’s or rental’s website, offers a variety of built-in payment options, as well as a handful of useful functions, such as multi-room booking, multilingual interface, automated confirmation, and more.

With SabeeApp’s booking engine, you can effectively increase the conversion rate of your direct reservations, making you additional profit without any commission. In addition, with SabeeApp’s customizable booking interface, you can easily upsell your rooms, promoting additional services and amenities that boosts your revenue.

Guests can also benefit from direct reservations, since softwares like SabeeApp makes booking accessible, quick and a 100% safe. Guest satisfaction is the key for a blooming hospitality business, so investing in a hotel management software with a booking engine will pay off for any type of rental.

If you have any questions, please ask below!