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Turn Your iPhone Into a Different Device

iphoneEvery day the App Store releases dozens of new applications for iPhone, most of which enhance this device’s opportunities much. But only a few of them are able to turn a smartphone into something completely different: a remote control, a scanner, or a heart rate monitor for example. We have gathered five freshest and most interesting apps that can easily turn your iPhone into a completely different device.

Wanna try?


With the help of Cardiograph application it is easy to measure your pulse and monitor the dynamics of your heartbeat during fitness exercises for example. It’s enough to put a finger to the iPhone camera, and a short time later the application displays the exact number of heart beats per minute.

Cardiograph allows you to create multiple profiles and save data on the heart rythm of each member of your family. In short, instead of buying a special medical apparatus, it is much easier, more convenient and cheaper to use your own smartphone.

Download Cardiograph for iPhone here.


This app turns your iPhone into a portable scanner. One click and the picture of the document is converted to PDF-file, and you are able to dovarious manipulation with it : save, send by e-mail, send to print, recognize, etc. It will be your irreplaceable application if you have to work with papers often, or, for example, collect documents for some official institutions (embassies, banks, etc.). And, what is very important, the PDF file is much more “readable” than a simple photo of a paper.

Download DocScanner for iPhone here


There is no need to buy a DVR anymore if you have iPhone in your pocket. Camcorder application will save you from unnecessary money wasting, and turn your smartphone into a full-fledged car recorder. With its help you can continuously record in the selected resolution (320r, 480p, 720p or 1080p), or record what happens on the road for a certain time-from 1 to 10 minutes. The application gives a lot of opportunities to control the device: in particular, the owner of iPhone can quickly switch the shooting mode between the main and front cameras (for example, if you want to record your conversation with a police officer). As far as you know, such a function can’t be found in usual video recorder.

Download Camcorder for iPhone here

WD TV Remote

Your iPhone can be easily turned into a remote control for popular WD media player - WD TV Live or WD TV Live Hub. It’s enough to use WD Remote application. By the way, the iPhone functionality will be even wider than a simple remote control has, because as well as standard controls, the device offers a much more comfortable virtual keyboard (it may be useful to search for media files or YouTube videos). So if your media player remote control is broken, or you’ve lost it somewhere, your iPhone will always help you here.

Download WD TV Remote for iPhone here

Beatmaker 2

This application turns your iPhone into the pocket music studio. Both beginners and professionals will find here everything they need for music creating and editing - samples, tracks, and beatboxes. So, if the middle of the night suddenly brings you a musical inspiration, you shouldn’t worry that it will be wasted - it’s enough to take your iPhone, launch the app and start creating.

Download Beatmaker 2 for iPhone here


  1. Those are some different ideas. That cardiograph app sounds pretty cool; I might check it out when I get home from my shift at DISH tonight. Now, instead of turning your iPhone into a TV remote, why not change it into a TV? That’s what I did with my DISH Anywhere app. It streams all of my live TV channels and DVR recordings, so I can watch what I want, on the go. I’ve been using it when I go fishing, because I would rather watch a Rockies baseball game, than listen to it on the radio.

    • Hello Hunter!

      Thanks for comment! I think that iPhone users can do everything with their iPhones today thanks to thousands of different applications))) Some of them (I mean apps, not users)) are a little bit stupid of course, but it’s funny to try them at least)) iPhone as a TV is a very good idea!


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