TunesGo Review – A Recommended Phone Manager Tool for your iOS & Android Device

Transferring files from your phone device especially an iOS device to your PC has always been full of hassles. You need to depend upon software named iTunes for all kinds of iOS transfer and even that is not quite efficient. If you are looking for a one stop solution for all types iOS file transfer, TunesGo by Wondershare is a good option. It is a set of multiple software utilities that has the ability to transfer all your files to or from your Apple or Android devices and your computer. The software works seamlessly with all your phone devices and provides you a hassle free interface to carry out all kinds of transfer.

The Different Modes of TunesGo Phone Manager

There are 7 different modes of the software that caters to various needs and facilitate a number of transfers. TunesGo Phone Manager makes it really simple for anyone using the iOS or Android device to perform different functions on the device one is using. Let’s see each of them in detail and know what they are capable of doing:


Music and Video

If you ever wanted to transfer music without iTunes to an Apple device then TunesGo has made it possible for you. It is quick, convenient, and extremely easy to use. You won’t have to use iTunes once you start using this software. Other file formats such as podcasts, iTunes U, or Audiobooks can also be transferred without hassle. You will also face no kind of restrictions with this software which is usually witnessed in iTunes. You can also transfer videos from your iPad to Mac or just iPhone to iTunes through TunesGo.



We love clicking pictures on our handheld devices but later want to move it to our desktop to clear up space. Thus to do this through an Apple device was a lot of hassle earlier but with this software you can quickly transfer photos and move them to any device you want seamlessly. It is probably the smartest way to transfer and keep your backup photos in place just in case if you lose them in future. Almost all types of pictures are supported and an added advantage is that you can manage them quite efficiently which is simply not possible with any other software. One fun aspect of this software is that it is also a GIF maker and you can create a GIF file with a set of pictures or small videos.


Along with media files like music, photos and videos, TunesGo also lets you transfer contacts from your phone to your desktop in a jiffy. All kinds of contact formats including the iCloud contacts, Outlook contacts, vCard contacts, and CSV contacts can be transferred with the help of TunesGo. The contacts are one of the most important types of data in our phones and it is better if we store them in multiple places and keep all of them in sync. Through TunesGo, you can transfer your contacts from any kind of device to another device in no time.


We all deal with messages on our phones and sometimes it becomes difficult to manage them in given the small screen space. However, if you have an iOS or Android device you can manage all your messages through the TunesGo software. It allows you to have more features and lets you manage messages in a better way. You can also export your messages to your PC for backup and restore purposes which can be quite handy at times. Later when you need them on your phone device, you can import them back again without any hassles at all. With the software, you can also send text messages right from your computer.



If you are looking for an exceptional way to manage apps on your phone, TunesGo will definitely help you out. We all have tried installing a bunch of apps together but feared that our data might get consumed too fast and it would take a lot of time. Now with TunesGo, you can simply install many apps together and while uninstalling too, you can remove them in batch. This makes the whole process a lot easier and efficient to carry out as well. You can also take a backup of all the apps that you feel are necessary for you.


File Explorer

As we know, Apple devices don’t come with an inbuilt file manager and it is usually tedious to manage the files in an iOS device. The Android manager for various files exists but in some phones, it is not given inbuilt and one has to look for alternative options. In a similar way, there is no iPhone manager or iOS manager as well. To address these issues and to make file management more efficient, TunesGo provides a file manager which displays a logical structure to every phone that you connect it with. This will definitely help you out in a lot of things relating to files and its management.


A lot of people want to root their Android phone but they don’t know a safe way to do it. With TunesGo, you can now safely and quickly root your Android phone to unleash its full potential. The software offers you one click root which is very convenient and it won’t bother you with technical hassles as well. Before you perform it, you must backup Android data to avoid any loss of data.


The Last Words

With all these great features summed up into single software, you don’t have to worry the next time you want to transfer your files or even root your Android or iOS device. No matter if you want to transfer any kind of files either from your iPhone to iPad, iPad to iPod, or even from PC to iTunes, TunesGo software proves to be a great companion. You can buy the softwarehere.

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