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Top Mobile Apps for Meeting Room Management

meeting-roomThe key behind the success of all large modern enterprises lies within maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. To achieve this, company management relies on regular meetings between employees and clients, as well as productive team meetings that help improve the workflow.

The larger a company is, the more problems related with facilitation occur. Fortunately, there are multiple meeting room management solutions that can make the entire process a lot easier. Furthermore, most of the software solutions include mobile applications, which help provide information almost instantly. Here are the most recommended mobile apps for meeting room management:

Condeco Conference Room Booking

The Condeco Conference Booking software makes it incredibly easy to get the most out of your meeting rooms, employ digital signage and also provide mobile access via an IOS mobile app for your employees. One of the most unique features offered by the Condeco Conference Room Booking solution is the ability to use access cards to book rooms and schedule meetings.

Skedda Meeting Room Booking

Yet another centralized online meeting room management solution, Skedda offers great flexibility for bookings and also allows you to accept online payments from your customers. Although, it's free, Skedda seems to be more suitable for sports or rental venues, rather than managing meeting room space in large company. Still, you can always give it a try and see if it will work for you!

Get a Room

If you have to manage meeting rooms in an entire building, you will love Get a Room - it's very easy to work with, yet powerful meeting room management solution. It makes it incredibly easy to assign specific user roles and manage large office venues spreading across several floors or buildings.

DEA's Room Scheduling Software

DEA is recognized as one of the leaders in event management solutions and their room scheduling software offers lots of flexibility, as well as access to key features via mobile devices. The best thing is that you can perform pretty much all functions available with their online meeting room scheduling software, via your smartphone.

Pronestor Room

Pronestor is innovative company dedicated entirely into producing reliable and efficient meeting room management solutions. The one available strictly for conference room management is called Pronestor Room. It offer you not only all key features you need to book and schedule meetings, but also detailed analytics on how all the resources has been used.

MeetingPlanner Mobile

MeetingPlanner Mobile is an extension of EmergingSoft's MeetingPlanner solution for conference room management. It gives you all key features you need to work with the software suite and also comes with conflict resolution system to help solve double-bookings conflicts.

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